Top 9 Best Intermediate Climbing Shoes Reviewed

Everyone loves to use intermediate climbing shoes. But earlier there weren’t a lot of options available to be able to choose from. But now the times have changed and there are several options to choose from when it comes to different styles or even quality. 

A climber can use intermediate shoes to make their climb more adventurous and successful by wearing climbing shoes that make their feet feel comfortable, finding the best fit and these shoes will help them avoid dangerous situations. These shoes are made with high-quality materials that will keep your feet safe. 

9 best intermediate climbing shoes Reviewed Individually

La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoe

best intermediate climbing shoes

Miura by La Sportiva is one of the best intermediate shoes according to climbers. These climbing shoes provide a grip that helps you to pull-up easily. You will be able to save a lot of time and energy just by wearing these intermediate shoes. Miura climbing shoes are very versatile and will improve your performance by giving you the comfort you need. In addition to that, the shoes are great looking as well. 

The shoes are designed with strong materials and are also very well equipped with a lacing technique that helps you to pull up quickly, there is a rubble sole used, which is Vibram XS 4mm. The shoes also have a dentex lining that help the shoes absorb moisture so that you have nice clean and dry feet. This will also help you develop a strong grip along with good sensitivity. Miura climbing shoes will also protect you from getting any cramps. 


  • The shoes are light in weight
  • The durability of the shoes is excellent
  • There is a lacing technology used to do quick pull-ups
  • There is a dentex lining which absorbs the moisture
  • Gives you relief from cramps


  • There might be some issues with sizing

 Scarpa Vapor V Climbing Shoe

Scarpa Vapor V Climbing shoes have made this list as they are the intermediate climbing shoes that will provide you with a perfect combination of performance and durability. They are considered as one of the best trad climbing shoes as they are very comfortable and can help you climb with a lot of ease.

Vapor V climbing shoes are constructed using a soft rubber sole that is very flexible and comes in handy for all the intermediate rock climbers out there. These shoes have bi tension that will give your toes more strength to hook properly when the climbing area gets rough. 

The shoes are very smooth with the perfect fit and give you a very solid grip/ The shoes also have a dual strap that are easy to adjust and you can make your climb without any hurdles. 


  • It is built to be flexible.
  • They’re extremely comfortable
  • The sole is made of soft split rubber
  • To ensure they fit perfectly, there are dual strap closures. 


  • The V shape can be a little uncomfortable for some climbers.

Five Ten Anasazi VCS Rock Climbing Shoe

Five Ten Anasazi VCS are considered on the top of the market and rightly so. These shoes are specially designed for wide feet that help the climbers try some new techniques of climbing. 

These shoes have a rubber sole that will give you a great grip and will help you achieve new heights. The shoes are highly durable as they are made from hundred percent synthetic materials that’ll keep your feet comfortable. A climber always worries about the comfort and safety of their feet and these shoes provide exactly that. 

These intermediate shoes also come with double hook and loop closure that allows you to adjust the fit of the shoes according to the comfort of your feet. Anasazi VCS are climbing shoes that will support you during long paths. They will also improve your performance when you need to use complicated and technical footwork.  


  • They are extremely comfortable and can be used daily.
  • They are light in weight
  • The shoes are durable as they are made from solid synthetic materials
  • They have a soft rubber sole.


  • There are not many size options

Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoes

Another intermediate shoe from The Five Ten makes the list. Hiangle climbing shoes are known for their high durability. A lot of climbers use these shoes to wear them on a daily basis. These shoes also provide great flexibility and rigidity at the same time. 

These intermediate shoes are made even stronger by using rubber outsoles of Stealth C4 of 4.2 mm. They also are made of a low volume. The upper half of the shoe is constructed using unlined leather making it very flexible. The shoe also comes with a single strand Velcro closure and makes the adjustment quick.


  • The materials used are of high-quality
  • There is a toe box that comes with soft edges
  • The shoes are very flexible
  • There is an excellent grip system
  • Hiangle has synthetic rubber sole


  • There are not a lot of colour options offered

ButoraAcro Wide Fit Climbing Shoes

ButoraAcro is also designed for climbers with wide feet and are perfect for rock climbers. It is unique looking and gives you a very sleek look. These shoes will work its magic in the rockiest of routes. They are great for trad climbing. 

ButoraAcro have been successful in reducing the tension and cramps that follow in a climber’s feet. The shoes provide excellent safety and comfort that will take you to new heights and improve your performance drastically.


  • The shoes are very comfortable
  • They come with a triple strap system
  • The shoes are highly durable
  • There is a sticky rubber toe patch used in order to give you safe toe hooking. 


  • The triple strap system takes time to adjust

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes

Shaman climbing shoes are considered to be one of the greatest intermediate climbing shoes as they are made from strong and solid synthetic materials. There is also a toe patch that provides high friction to give you a good grip. 

These shoes are constructed by the word renowned climber Chris Sharma especially for bouldering and other sports climbing. A high friction rubber sole by TRAX is used in the construction of these shoes in order to give you a fabulous grip. 


  • These shoes are very comfortable and flexible
  • They are constructed from soft and strong materials
  • They will protect your feet from getting cramps or any other pain.
  • The fit of these intermediate shoes is very good as they will stay tight even if you’re using them for the entire day
  • The shoe has a triple strap technology.


  • The shoe has a thick rubber sole which can be a little uncomfortable

Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe

These intermediate climbing shoes are a must have as they offer tons of unique features. You will be able to push new boundaries with these shoes. This shoe is considered to be one of the best as it is constructed using hundred leather and also comes with a rubber sole that will give you a great grip. Mad Rock Drifter has an excellent grip that will keep you from slipping. 

They are very flexible as well and will help you try out new techniques. These shoes are great for running as well. It will also keep you from getting any cramps and pain while climbing. The shoes are very light in weight as they are made from leather. You can wear it for daily use and adjust it according to your fit as it has a double strap system.


  • It is made of 100% leather
  • It is very light in weight
  • It is a strong and durable climbing shoe
  • There are less pressure points in the toe box
  • The shoes are highly flexible


  • The quality of the shoes aren’t exactly of high quality

Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

Be prepared to be amazed by Instinct Vs climbing intermediate shoes. The design is beautiful and gives you more power to achieve new heights. It has a rubber sole too to prevent you from slipping. These shoes are great for climbing, walking as well as hiking. 

There is a single strap system which is easy to adjust and you can do it quickly. This is one of the lightest shoes available in the market and will protect your feet from getting any cramps. These shoes can be used as daily wear and will last you for a long time.


  • It is made from tough materials
  • The adjustability of the shoes is very nice and can fit your feet very nicely.
  • It has a microfiber textile used that makes the shoes lightweight
  • The quality of materials used is of high-quality
  • These shoes have a versatile use.


  • It is comparatively more expensive than a lot of its competitors.

La Sportiva Katana Lace Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva produces some of the most versatile and trusted shoes. These shoes can be used for bouldering, in the gym and for any other sport climbing. This is a well-balanced shoe. La Sportiva is known for having a solid grip and Katana Lace is no less. 

There are various unique features that come with Katana. Some features like an asymmetrical toe box that helps you achieve solid precision and sensitivity. The shoes come with Vibram XS Edge for precise edging. 


  • The shoes come with a quick lace system
  • The design of the shoes is very comfortable
  • The shoes are made from durable materials and last a long time
  • The upper part of the shoes is made from leather
  • The quality of these shoes is excellent


  • The lace system can be a little complicated


We have done our best to combine the best intermediate climbing shoes for you. No matter which shoes you pick, make sure they fit you perfectly. If you plan on wearing socks, then buy a bigger size so that the shoes don’t stop your blood circulation

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