Top 9 Best Gym Climbing Shoes Reviewed

If you have been climbing in gyms for a while and are now ready to take that next step in the gym, then don’t worry we got your back. Gym shoes are great but they won’t help you step up. You will most definitely need to step up your shoe game. If you want to practice funky new techniques like cruising up some overhanging routes or being able to use foot chips, then having proper shoes for those techniques is a must. 

You must also find shoes that are comfortable for you. So, we are here with the best gym climbing shoes for you to pick from and ace at new techniques. We consider the fact that the fit for men and women is different. So, we have compiled the list by taking in the needs of men and women separately.

Scarpa Women’s Helix Climbing Shoe

best gym climbing shoes

We all know that finding the perfect gym climbing shoes is not an easy task. But this model is undoubtedly one of the best climbing shoes there is. It has everything a climbing shoe needs, comfort, sensitivity in giving support, good fit and so much more. Scarpa Helix is a gym climbing shoe that a lot of people trust and have been using since a long time. It is from the brand Scarpa which has been making climbing gear since years. It weighs about 2 pounds. 

Scarpa has climbing shoes for both men and women and comes with striking features. Their collection of gym climbing shoes are far apart. Helix has simple features but is one of the most stylish shoes in the market. Gym climbers require all round comfort and Helix provides just that. It has lace-up construction that can be adjusted easily along with a tongue that comes padded. 

These shoes are perfect for beginners. The shoes also have cushioning in the heel cup. The shoes are very durable and constructed with materials that make them strong. The grip that these shoes provide are extraordinary. 


  • it has a padded tongue
  • There is a lot of traction as there is a rubber sole.
  • It is highly durable


  • It can become stretchy after some uses

Five Ten Women’s Anasazi LV Climbing Shoe

Five Ten is another brand that excels in providing comfort and grip to help you reach new heights. It is a company based in California and they have been manufacturing rubber soles and unique design shoes for about 30 years. This shoe is a combination of asymmetric toe shape and heel cup that is tuned.

They have some of the most amazing gym climbing shoes for beginners. The shoes also come in a split-tongue design with a hook and loop. The shoes have a rubber sole of stealth C4. These shoes are a match made in heaven for women with narrow feet. 


  • The upper material is made of Cowdura
  • The sole is made of stealth C4 rubber
  • The tension in heels in high
  • It is very comfortable


  • The shoes can be a bit expensive

La Sportiva Women’s TarantuLace Performance Climbing Shoe

If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend tons of money on shoes, then TarantuLace is the perfect option for you! It is made of a rubber outsole using a 5mm very durable FriXion to ensure extra grip and higher durability. This pair of shoes was designed by keeping women in mind and is made in RN45 shoe shape. This will keep your toes from hurting and will provide great support to your feet. 

Tarantulace comes with a harness made of synthetic leather in order to give you a great fit. It is a pocket-friendly model and will ensure your performance will improve every day.


  • It is made from materials that are high-quality
  • There is a lacing system
  • The build of the shoe is RN45
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • The sensitivity is excellent


  • May lack in high end performance

La Sportiva Women’s Solution Performance Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva gym climbing shoes are made to improve your performance. The Solution by La Sportiva is a shoe that offers great comfort and perfect fit. It is possible to let the shoe edge on vertical terrain and on an overhung too. The shoe has XS Grip2 sole and an HF lining. The heel cup is very sticky and has a rubber sole that ensures a solid grip. Solution also has a lock harness which has patents pending in order to protect heel hooking. 

The Solution is one of the best pairs of shoes as it has a wide range of products for every feet size. 


  • It has a lock harness system
  • The fit of the shoes are great
  • They are extremely comfortable. 
  • The heel cup in3-D


  • The quality of the shoes isn’t great

Butora Endeavor Tight Fit Climbing Shoe

Butora’s Endeavor gym climbing shoes offer four types of colours and are available for both wide and narrow fit. Endeavour is stiff and at the same time offers sensitivity. The balance between the two factors is excellent. 

The upper part of the shoe is made with synthetic leather in order to give you extra comfort as well as breathability. The shoe also has an ABS midsole which is 3D injected. This ensures good rigidity as well as accurate edging. It is also made from pure and organic hemp fabric which stops the shoe from stretching. 

The Butora Endeavor provides amazing performance as well as edging. 


  • It is made from pure hemp fabric
  • There is a 3D injection mold
  • The toe shape is asymmetric
  • Offers all- round performance


  • The strap takes time to get adjusted.

Defy Gym Climbing Shoe from Evolv

EVOLV is one of the most trusted brands in the world for indoor as well as outdoor climbing. And there is no doubt that we would pick one of EVLOV’s shoes for this list. This shoe is designed especially for men and thus has features that will fit men’s feet perfectly. The shoes are extremely durable as they’re made using synthetic material of high quality. 

Defy gym shoes come in 2 kinds of funky colours and the design is beautiful. The sole is also made of synthetic material and offers excellent grip and comfort. 

Defy shoes are definitely on the higher end of the market but they are totally worth it and will last you for a long time. The manufacturer also gives a lifetime warranty so you can buy these shoes without worrying a bit. It weighs about 5 pounds and is lightweight. 


  • There are hook-loop straps
  • It is very flexible and durable
  • There is a toe profile that is asymmetrical
  • It is very comfortable.


  • It is expensive

Vapor V Gym Climbing Shoe from SCARPA

Scarpa is probably one of the most versatile manufacturers in the climbing business. These shoes are also designed for men.  The shoes come in two different colours- lime and a combination of different lime. There are numerous sizes available so you can get your perfect size of climbing shoes. The shoes are made of synthetic materials of high quality that makes them strong and durable.

These shoes are manufactured in the USA. They also have rubber soles for extra grip and support that is required while climbing. The shoe is very flexible, all thanks to the split sole which is attached to the shoe. The strap closure also comes with double power to help you adjust the shoe as per the size of your feet. It is light weight as it weighs just one pound. 


  • It is made from hundred percent high-quality synthetic materials.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • The grip provided is excellent
  • The shoes are highly durable.


  • The hell cup might be too tight

VCS Anasazi Gym Climbing Shoe from Five Ten

Anasazi gym climbing shoes come in two strikingly beautiful colours- blue petroglyph and golden tan. They are also available in a number of sizes so you don’t have to worry about the fit. The longevity of the shoes is amazing as the climbing shoes are made from hundred percent synthetic materials. 

The rubber sole in these shoes are top class and offer great support. These shoes are versatile and are perfect for both beginners as well as advanced climbers. The upper shoe is made of lined cowdura materials that will keep your feet safe from any kind of irritation.


  • The shoes are made from high-quality polyester materials
  • The shoes are highly flexible and sensitive
  • They are durable as the climbing shoes are made from hard rubber
  • There are sizes available for narrow and wide feet as well. 


  • It can be a little expensive

Miura Lace Gym Climbing Shoe from La Sportiva

As we have discussed, La Sportiva is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the climbing gear business. This shoe comes in a mesmerizing yellow colour that is bound to gain attention from the other climbers. They also come in a lot of different sizes so that you can find your perfect match. The longevity of the shoes is excellent because of the materials used to construct these shoes. 

The shoes have a synthetic sole to provide extra grip and support to your feet and you don’t slip while climbing new heights. Miura gym climbing shoes are great as they give you precise edging, sensitivity and a level of comfort most climbers dream of. It weighs about 4 pounds. The price of these shoes is reasonable and worth it.


  • For fast lace-ups there is a speed lacing system
  • The shoes are light in weight
  • They are tough
  • The shoes are very comfortable


  • They aren’t very adjustable


In order to find the perfect shoes, you must make sure that you are taking the following things into consideration:

If you are buying a good pair of shoes and spending money, you want to make sure that the shoes will last for a long time. 

You should select a pair of shoes considering your preference of closure style.

By keeping these things in mind, you are making sure your feet remain safe and you get excellent grip in order to improve your performance in the gym.

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