Best Ice Climbing Crampons

Best Ice Climbing Crampons – Our Top 5 Picks

The toughest rock climbing will definitely be climbing up a snowy, icy cliff face. In order to climb up these tough mountains and cliff faces, you are going to need the best ice climbing crampons. These are a set of independent spikes that can be attached to your climbing shoes by rubber or silicon cages that fit around your shoes.

The spikes are able to dig in to the slippery ice or hard snow layer and give you the stability you need while climbing. 

You are going to want to choose your ice climbing crampons very carefully, as ice and snow climbing is one of the most dangerous kinds of climbs. Not only will a fall most likely hurt, but the ability to stop sliding or falling will be based on either an ice pick you have carried with you, or the ability of your shoes to keep from further harm.

Each brand of ice climbing crampon has unique features and abilities to help you on your climb. Finding out which of these key features will best suit your climb, make your journey the most enjoyable, and keep you safe is the best thing to find out.

EnergeticSky Upgraded Version of Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons

Best Ice Climbing Crampons

Energetic’s ice climbing crampons stand out with 19 multi-direction steel spikes, providing some of the best stability out there. Its chains are welded and the placement of the spikes are done in such a way that your weight can be evenly distributed, giving you safety, ease of use, and making sure that undue stress isn’t put on any one group of spikes which makes them last a whole lot longer.

The upper part of the ice crampon, which is usually made from all purpose TPR rubber, is actually made from silicone. This gives the cover much better elasticity so it won’t snap or tear during your climb. The silicone is able to withstand up to negative sixty degree weather and keep your traction high even through that very low temperature.

Easy placement over your climbing shoes is a plus with this ice climbing crampon and it is also very portable.

When choosing the size, similar rocking climbing shoes, you may want to get a fit that is actually a little snug on your shoe, rather than a just right fit. You wan’t to be sure they don’t slip off during your snowy or icy climb.

A downside with the shoes is that, though the stainless steel spikes are multi direction in order to distribute your weight even, pretty much all the spikes or on the bottom of the shoe, not on the sides, which may affect your stability. 

Also, you may notice some strain on the edges of the silicon straps after a while, though not all users have noticed this.


  • Free carrying case
  • Silicon Straps


  • Spike placement
  • Durability 

Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device

The spikes on the Hillsound are completely out of carbon steel and are 2/3 inches long. There are eleven of them and they cover a pretty large area of the bottom of the shoes. Its harness is built in a way that it can accommodate a variety of shoes, and also it features a strap that will let you adjust the fit even more precisely. This Hillsound crampons also come with a really convenient carrying case.

The velcro strap ensures that the elastic won’t get twisted around the shoes which may happen with some other ice crampons. 

A downside to the velcro strap is that when putting the crampons on or taking them off, you will obviously have to fidget with the strap for a minute before you can get in and out of the shoes. With other ice crampons you can really just tug them off.

The spikes themselves actually have a little more edge to them than other ice crampons and they are a good deal longer as well. 

As far as price, these are definitely a good bit less expensive than other brands of similar quality, especially when you take into account the strap and length of the spikes.

A downside with the Hillsound crampons is that you may experience some snow clumping on the bottom of the shoes, lowering traction and satiability after a little while. Other brands have ant-climbing pieces under their shoe, but these may also cause similar problems and snow climbing though not to the same extent. 

A note on these ice crampons, they are best used on very steep terrain since their spikes are so long. The spikes will help catch you if all of a sudden you begin to slide down from your ascent. 


  • Adjustable strap


  • Snow clumping

Unigear Traction Cleats Ice

Unigear has ice crampon that are not only tough, but actually a little lighter than other ice crampons you may have used before. The elastic on the top of the shoe is also of a Thermoplastic Elstomer, a kind of elastic that provides greater flexibility and anti-tearing, anti-abrasion construction. This definitely adds to the lifespan of the ice crampon and you can bet it can take a beating.

The soles of the crampon are also manufactured to last a long time. And the spikes are what you would call heat treated, which is sort of like stress tested. There are eighteen  spikes on the crampon, twelve of them at the front of your shoe and the other six are located at the back. Each spike is about a half an inch long and are made of stainless steel. 

Keep in mind these types of ice crampons may still clump with snow, so when using them, you will want to stop and take minute to scuff and shuffle them to knock the snow from underneath your shoes. 

The durability may be in question as well. Some ice crampons have small metal grommets to reinforce the rubber so the stress of your weight and harsh terrain don’t bear down on the rubber too much. 

These ice crampon seem to be almost a third of the price to many comparable ice crampons with similar quality, so you wallet won’t be hurt when looking to steady your icy climb. 


  • Reinforced sole


  • No metal grommets 

MIRACOL Crampons Ice Cleats Traction Snow Grips. 

The MIRACOL is made with a strap to aid in greater adjustability and security. It also features stronger traction than most and an anti-skid design. There are 19 stainless steel spikes and their formation is that of a diamond.

The upper is made of silicone, a higher durability rubber and better anti-abrasion material. The chains connecting the silicone are double to add strength and security. 

The fit of the crampons is very flexible. There is a size for every shoe and the design forms to the shoe very well.

The storage is a soft shell case which is great for compact storage versus a hardshell which presents more problems.

Heavier set climbers will appreciate the strength of the spikes. Even those over 300 pounds will not damage the spikes.

The only flaw may have to do with the welded parts of the crampon. Some users have complained that they have experienced connection failure between the silicone and welded metal, but this may be a rare occurrence. Make sure to check your crampons every time before you start your climb. 


  • Double linked chain


  • Possible durability issues

Yatta Life Heavy Duty Trail Spikes 14-Spikes Ice Grip Snow Cleats Footwear Crampons

These Yatta Life ice crampons are great for easily attaching to your shoes. It uses a harness system that is designed to cluster its teeth around focal pressure points.

Usually in crampons the links are the weakest part, but the Yatta has very durable stainless steel chains which hold up really well. And with how lightweight they are they have surprising strength.

The traction is really great with these ice climbing crampons, which will help you be sure footed on any icy surface or slick snow.

As with some other ice crampons, snow build is still sometimes a problem with these shoes. Remember to shuffle or scuff your shoes every once in a while climbing to prevent the build. Often you won’t be able to tell that the snow is packed tightly under your shoe until you slip. 


  • Light-weight design


  • Snow build up

Buyers Guide

A great way to know if your ice climbing crampons are quality and will deliver the kind of climb you want is to have a few key features in mind before choosing one.

The main thing you will want to keep in mind is the kind of climb you want to have. Is comfort more important to you? Overall safety? What level of difficulty are you going to climb? Having these questions in mind is a great start to getting the best ice climbing crampons.


You will definitely want to find crampons that have multidirectional spikes. This means your weight distribution will be so much better and therefore the amount of surface you will be able to be supported by will be larger. 

The point of ice crampons is to keep you very stable, so finding the best grip is essential.


You will want your crampons to last for as long as possible, especially when considering it from a money standpoint. You will not want to be continuously paying for crampons that break down.

Make sure the spikes are strong metal or steel and avoid regular rubber for the top of the shoe.


Running cleats, hiking, and everyday cleats all have their advantages, but getting these types will not be best for ice climbing. They may work at times, but to be as safe as possible, make sure to note what type of crampons 

Ice grippers actually are perfect for many terrains but you can’t expect all to work in the same atmospheres and also you don’t want to wear your ice crampons out in other conditions if they are specifically for ice. Icy terrain is usually the most dangerous, so you don’t want worn down crampons especially when traversing this terrain.

Ease of use

Crampons should be relatively simple to take on and off. If you experience hardship while shedding your ice climbers or putting them on, you may want to look into a different pair. They should also relax on both ice and snow. However you just won’t know this for sure until trying them out.

Spike length

Spike length for your ice crampons is a big deal. Longer spikes will offer great grip and are really helpful when ice climbing because you will have more stability in the ice, but this may not forever be necessary.


Q: How do you attach your ice crampons?

A: Most ice crampons can be slipped on from the bottom of your climbing shoe. Others have a velcro strap that will reinforce whatever design is on your Crampons. The best way may seem to be to take your shoe off and then put it on, but it will be easier to do it with your shoes on your feet.

Q: Can I use my ice climbing crampons on other kinds of terrain?

A: Yes and no. Ice Crampons are among the sturdiest of climbing or hiking cleats, so other terrains will definitely be able to be handled by this type of cleat. However you definitely do not want to wear your ice crampon cleats down as they need to be razor sharp and as strong as possible when you actually tackle your Icy climb.

Q: Is there a weight limit for ice climbing crampons?

A: Technically no. Most spikes that are on ice crampons are going to be made out of stainless steel, so you shouldn’t be too worried about them breaking just from sheer weight. The most likely thing to break will be the silicone or rubber attached to the metal, but as long as you get the appraise size for your shoe, you should be fine.