Best Climbing Shorts Reviewed

The best climbing shorts are sometimes hard to find. When considering durability, acceptable weight level, comfort, reliability, and so on, the climber  may feel overwhelmed. 

In order to find the best climbing shorts and the best features to look for, you have to decide the  goal. Are you looking for shorts that will keep you warm? Shorts that will last forever? Or are you looking for the most comfortable climbing shorts in the world. The options listed here will give you a good place to start. 

Singbring Men’s Outdoor Active Quick Dry Hiking Shorts

The Singbring Outdoor Shorts are perfect for your gym or cliff face rock climbing adventure. 

Flexibility is king with these handy climbing shorts. The drawstring closure really allows you to adjust the waist fit with a much finer precision than other shorts that have buttons are clasps. And when you are already dangling from great heights and working hard towards your climbing goal, comfort is a must. 

Another factor adding to comfort and also flexibility is the polyester and spandex blend. This allows for a great fit while allowing for great range of motion while climbing. 

Ability to store small items for climbing equipment is a great feature of the Singbring, all of its pockets being zippered and ready to store. Having zippers on the shorts gives you peace of mind.

The shorts are also very lightweight and this is due in part to its fast drying material. You will definitely appreciate the low weight and high resistance to water when trekking through all kinds of areas.

The only downsides to these climbing shorts are the zippers and the style. The zippers are not durable to a certain degree and when unzipping and zipping the pockets, a little more care has to be taken.

As for the style, these shorts are not the most versatile. This is mostly in part to the drawstring adjustable fit. The drawstring is not the most universal look, so going out with drawstring shorts may not look as acceptable as a pair of climbing shorts that sports a belt.  


  • Very inexpensive
  • Each pocket has a zipper
  • Dry very quickly


  • Zipper construction
  • Sizing 

Hiauspor Mens Hiking Shorts Stretch Cargo Shorts Quick Dry Tactical Short swith Zipper Pockets

Hiauspor cargo shorts makes a name for itself by offering a great deal of breathability and great flexibility. Climbing shorts does a great job of drawing your sweat away from your body, thereby allowing you to stay as cool as possible during your climb.

These shorts feature an elastic waistband with velcro as the adjustor, which is such a big help when flexibility is a huge part of any rock climbing experience. A very precise flexibility can be reached because of the velcro clasps.

Hiauspor cargo shorts feature pockets at convenient locations which is a big help. Being able to reach that needed tool while you’re climbing is a must. However, the pockets on these climbing shorts aren’t that deep, so it may frustrate you to find only a couple of necessary items can be stored in the shorts.

The material that makes up the shorts is very comfortable and allows for easy motion. Though are comfortable and adjustable, the double snap of the velcro clasps are able to keep your climbing shorts very secure. The velcro and double snap feature also allows for quick access if you need to go to the bathroom, so don’t be worried if you feel like the security will hinder you in that area. 


  • Multiple zippers


  • Pockets not deep enough

Cycorld Men’s Outdoor Hiking Shorts Men Quick Dry Lightweight for Climbing

The amount of pockets alone on the Cycorlds Outdoor shorts are enough to get excited. Six pockets, four on the legs and two front pockets make it ideal for the climber who always wants to be as prepared as possible. 

An example of the kind of items able to be carried in these pockets are flashlights, compasses, phones, carabiners, etc. 

The fabric is no joke either. A four-way stretch fabric is used and because of this range of motion is higher than some other of the best climbing shorts. 

Like the Hiauspor, velcro and an elastic band are featured around the waist, adding to these climbing shorts’ adjustability.

A unique feature for this apparel is the crotch seams are reinforced for higher durability at the point of most stretch. Also the material has a UV protection around the material which is very helpful when you are exposed to the elements for a long time.

The fit and feel are also a huge plus, and this feel adds to the light and comforting feeling. Also as with other shorts they are water repellent and quick drying which adds even more to the overall comfort. 

And even if you are a little bit larger person, the shorts are not baggy when they get into the XL sizes. The fit is still precise for those larger sizes. However you may still have a hard time finding your perfect size and users have complained this part is difficult. 


  • Very deep pockets
  • Reflective strips are a great touch for dusk/night wear
  • Comfortable fit with a slight taper at the knee


  • Sometimes run small

Blike Men’s Outdoor Sports MTB Cycling Shorts Climbing Loose Fit Shorts

Though not all of its pockets have zippers attached to them, the Blikes outdoor climbing shorts feature 7 pockets, five of them being able to be closed by a zipper. Though securing your items may be a slight challenge, you can certainly store a multitude of climbing gear in the pockets of these climbing shorts.

Water repellant in these climbing shorts utilizes a Protean material to make sure water doesn’t stick around in the fabric. Even the zippers are made to be waterproof and the seams in the shorts are taped in such a way as to prevent the most amount of water from getting to you.

They a have a looser but still form fitting design, and actually include some mesh in the construction of the shorts so as to create a greater breathability and comfort. Like other climbing shorts, they also feature an adjustable waist band. 

The fit is further increased because typically the height of the shorts comes just above the knee, differing from other shorts by not catching on your knee and frustratingly uncomfortable.

The only downsides to these climbing pants is they are somewhat thin, so either having thicker underwear or some kind of layering underneath may be your best bet if you are rock climbing in colder areas.

Also, they may not be machine wash or machine dry friendly. The zippers have been known to come undone from their seam in the washing machine or in the dryer. 


  • Durable
  • Breathable 


  • Thin
  • Not machine washer friendly 

Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

Flexibility and durability really stand out in the Helikon-Tex tactical shorts. These are heavy duty climbing shorts but very comfortable and flexible. These benefits come from its two materials, the polycotton ripstop which is a strong blend of spandex, polyester, and cotton, which keeps the fabric from tearing, and versastretch lite, which is a blend of nylon, elastane, and Dupont teflon coating, which allows for very lightweight but durable material. 

The design is very unique as all of its pockets and loops are very understated and sleek. They can definitely be worn out on occasions other than rock climbing. This sleek style also adds to the fitted feel of these climbing shorts.

A whopping ten pockets are available on these tactical climbing shorts, making them a dream for any climber who wants to be more prepared than he has ever been before.

Most of the pockets have mesh lining to add to the breathability of the shorts.

The only flaws that you may find with these climbing shorts is that the belt loops, while advertised as very large, are actually quite restrictive and stick tight against the waist band, making it slightly difficult to hook or hang anything from them.

Also, despite the mesh lining of the pockets and form fitted design, this shorts may run hot for you. The material is very strong and made of a variety of different materials, so the layer is thicker than most climbing shorts. 


  • Durable
  • Deep pockets


  • Narrow belt loops
  • Hot

Buyers Guide

When selecting the best climbing shorts to take on your rock climbing adventure, you will want to watch out for several key factors that will aid enjoyability, comfort, and overall satisfaction of your climb.

You will want to be aware of as many options as possible, but then narrow down your search to two or three key factors that you will use to make your choice for the best climbing shorts that fit your climbing style and personal needs. 


Since climbing shorts really have to stand up the test of time and be as durable as possible, comfort can sometimes be an issue. Also, shorts with slim fit are designed to not whip around or be baggy as safety is the most important aspect of climbing and you don’t want to get caught in an outcrop or get stuck in a crag.

You will want to look for shorts that are made of very flexible stuff, this way, even if the fit is off, your range of motion and comfort won’t be lost.

Another option would be to buy one size up, or even down to creating a regular fit for yourself.

Water and Wind Resistant

The environments you will be climbing in will be harsh, rainy, windy, and so on and so forth, you will want to find a pair of the best climbing shorts for keeping the elements from impeding your climb.

Wick away material is a must, not only for keeping away rain, but also for your own sweat. Certain materials can cause moisture to rise through the layers of the shorts and bring them to the top in order for them to evaporate. 

A big deal is quick dry material. Eventually your shorts will become soaked, and the time for your climbing shorts to dry will make your climb really miserable or a great time. 

Also, finding climbing shorts that breaks strong winds will be critical when wanting to stay warm in colder climates.


Reinforcement, material, and thickness, are all things you should look for when determining how long your climbing shorts will last you.

Material made up of a two different sources is usually strongest. Thickness is not always directly related to durability, but it is definitely something look for in your climbing pants. 

Certain climbing shorts have portions of its design reinforced beyond the normal material, which is a definitive bonus. Sometimes it can be found in the crotch or the seams of the shorts, as these are the areas that end up feeling a lot of stress.


Q: What is the best material to look for?

A: A blend of material is best and strongest, so polyester, nylon, spandex are materials to look for so your climbing shorts can comfortable but still be very durable, and also as flexible as possible while still being very sturdy.

Q: Are climbing shorts better than climbing pants?

A: It depends. Typically, if you are in a warmer climate you will want to get climbing shorts as breathability will be higher and if you decrease the amount of fabric or material you wear on a rock climbing trek, you won’t usually be as hot. For cold weather or rainy weather, you will probably want climbing pants. However, the best climbing shorts do offer material than can withstand cold and the best climbing pants offer material that will keep you as cool as possible.

Q: How should I size my climbing shorts?

A: You should first look for climbing shorts that have a very good fit to your body type. Obviously you don’t want it to be too tight, but you don’t want flabby or baggy shorts that can catch you up while you are climbing. The second step is to try a couple of different brands, because as with regular clothing, different brands of the same size still have different feel.