Top 5 Best Chalk Bucket Reviewed

A chalk bag is one of the least complicated components of your climbing equipment. It is very simple; the name is self-explanatory. It is nothing but a sack/bag that holds your climbing chalk that is used to improve your grip and make sure your hands do not get slippery. 

Initially, best chalk bucket were just small sacks that were fastened to the gear using a carabiner but they have now been revolutionized into an item that can be personalized according to your tastes and interests. Your chalk bag is one of the most used parts of your gear and needs to be durable, making it important for you to pick the right one.

It may be just a bag, but there are a few factors to consider before buying your chalk bag. It has to be sturdy yet light-weight and not end up being bulky and a bother on your harness. Then, of course, there is the fashion part of it. There are many similar looking options on the market making it confusing for a newbie but do not stress, we are here to help!

Top Best Chalk Bucket Reviewed

DMM Edge Chalk Bucket

Best Chalk Bucket

This chalk bucket is critically the best one available in today’s market. It is known for its closure system, with not one, but two drawstrings located on either side of the carrying handles. When it is closed tightly, almost no chalk escapes, which is more than what can be said for a lot of the other options, even the good ones, on the market. 

The chalk sticks to the sides of the bucket as well, which is helpful in case of an emergency and you cannot concentrate on where you grab. The inside is large, roomy, and the shape is such that it can stand well on its own without any support. In addition to this, the bucket has two brush slots and two pockets. What else could you possibly ask for! The bag looks simple and yet it holds up under tough conditions. 

The only set back would be the price, which is slightly higher than expected, but worth it for sure. The key features are the stable base, the chalk proof fastenings, the hook and loop pocket, the pine lining which improves effectiveness, and lastly it comes with brushes. This is probably your best bet if you are looking for a sturdy chalk bag. 

Sukoa Chalk Bag

The Sukoa Chalk Bag happens to be one of the most affordable chalk bags in the market, and hence falls under the misconception that perhaps it is priced so low because it is not a good bag, and we are here to put these false assumptions to rest. 

It has two zippered pockets, where it is actually very useful to store valuables like keys, wallets, etc. while climbing. It has a fairly large opening that makes it easy to reach in for the chalk and grab it. 

The closure is pretty tight and makes sure that the chalk does not leak, which is a valued feature while looking for a chalk bucket/bag. It is a deep bag, and can hold a lot of chalk, even for someone with large hands. 

The good thing is, though it is a large bag and has pockets, it ends up not being bulky, which is a major concern for someone climbing. It also comes with a belt so you can fasten it around your waist instead of clipping it to the harness. 

The good thing about this belt is that it is removable, so you prefer attaching it to your harness then that would not be an hangs well from the harness and does not move too much while climbing. 

It is very durable and has a lot of positive reviews about its strength to survive in harsh conditions. The only setback that could be pointed out about this option is that it does not have a lot of stylish options, and comes in a plain black color. 

If you are the kind of person that would like to make a statement with their gear, then other buckets with more vibrant color choices are also available. This is a great choice for someone with a simple taste and if that is you, go for it!

Static Waxed Canvas Chalk Bag

This chalk bag from static is sophisticated, attractive, and very desirable. It is made of high-quality, handmade and detail-oriented. Because of this it is very long-lasting and is usually preferred by experienced climbers. 

It is made from 12 individual pieces of waxed canvas and a soft fleece lining. It is also larger than standard chalk buckets, which is a big advantage as it is a lot easier to use. It looks great, which probably justifies the slightly higher price. It has a paracord closure which holds the bag together well. 

It is very sturdy and is definitely built to last. The only problem with this option would be that it is slightly more expensive than other options, which is why it is preferred by experienced climbers who know the value of a good chalk bag and would not mind spending a little more on it for the quality.

Arc’teryx C80

The ARC’TERYX C80 Chalk bag checks all the boxes, it is definitely everything you could want out of a chalk bag. It is constructed using a nylon four-weave stretch fabric, and while new climbers out there would probably wonder what that even means, all you have to know is that it means the bag is durable. 

Nylon is known to be one of the toughest materials in the market, so rest assured, nothing is happening to the bag for a good period of time. It has an especially engineered fabric that offers better performance. 

The bag has a classic cylinder shape, which allows the bag to stand properly on the ground as well, so it is easier to put both hands in the bag without making a huge chalky mess of things. 

The rim is stiffened so it is easy to hold the bag open without the closure collapsing and making it hard to grab some chalk in the middle of a climb. It has a drawstring closure which is easy to work no matter what position you end up in. The bag also comes with a waist belt, and can be worn indoors or outdoors. 

It is said that the bag is specifically designed for alpinism. This is unique as the alpine environment is very harsh and most gear is ruined in such a place, but this bag is actually designed to hold up in such conditions. This bag has been recognized in many reviews and blogs as the best chalk bag in 2020. It is definitely a great option, do check it out! 

Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag

This Black Diamond chalk bag is on this list because it checks every need you could have. It is cylindrical in shape, making it easy to fit your hands in without any struggle. It is one of the most affordable options and is surprisingly durable for the price. It also stands straight on the ground, which is important as we discussed before. 

It has a rear pocket and who doesn’t love pockets. Pockets are good! The bag is also available in a variety of color schemes to choose from, based on your personality. It has a cord lock closure, a webbing belt with a release buckle, a brush loop and is even waterproof. The only problem is that it is smaller than other bags in the market, so for a person with large hands, this bag would not be ideal. 

The pocket is not that big either, it can hold some keys, cards, etc., but it cannot hold a smartphone which disappoints a lot of people. Also, there was just one negative review about the closure not being great, but there were no other complaints regarding this matter so we can write off that as a faulty piece. Overall, it is a great bag and should be considered.  

Here are some features/ specifics to look for before investing in a chalk bag


Very few manufacturers provide size options and most do not, so it is important to check the size of the bag before getting one. Small bags are used by people with small hands, are obviously light, and tend to stay even when you change your position continuously during a climb. 

Large bags work for all hand sizes, are easier to use, and hold more chalk. However, they can get bulky and hard to manage on your harness. Buckets are used by boulderers so they can dip their hands in and chalk up before bouldering.


This may not seem important, but in reality, the shape of your chalk bag determines how it hangs and if it can sit on the floor without toppling over. There are two main shapes in chalk bags, cylindrical and tapered. 

Cylindrical bags are larger, hold more chalk and are hence suitable for people with large hands. They are also good to sit on the ground when you are bouldering. Tapered bags are smaller, softer, and do not add any extra weight to your gear. They do not hold as much chalk as the cylindrical bags and are better suited short climbs.


What used to just be a sack before now comes with fancy features like pockets, loops, etc. This totally depends on the buyer’s taste, some people like the minimalistic look whereas some stock up on fancy features. 

There are some of the mentioned features. Most bags come with the standard stiffened rim, making it easier to chalk up. Pockets with zips has become another trend in chalk bags, though some people do not prefer this feature due to the added bulk.

Then there’s the brush loop which is actually quite helpful during climbs. Some bags come with good closures on the bags to avoid spilling and help in managing the chalk. Then a feature that is getting increasingly popular is the bag belt. Instead of attaching the bag to your harness using a carabiner, it is a lot easier to just sling the bag around your waist.


The durability of the bag usually depends on the kind of material used in its making, but not always. Rigid materials are known to be more durable than supple ones, but if the quality is good, even they hold up against rough use. 

Some of the common materials used are nylon, polyester, canvas and TPU. Nylon is durable, supple, and holds its shape. It is the most preferred material in chalk bags. Polyester and canvas are also durable, and an additional TPU coating adds durability to the bag. 

Hope you have found what you were looking for, happy climbing!

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