Top 5 Best Belay Glasses Reviewed

If you are the average human, your first encounter with belaying glasses might have put you off of rock climbing as a whole but you are certainly not the only one. Belaying glasses are probably the most ridiculous looking pair of glasses you have ever seen but that does not necessarily mean they are as useless as they look. 

The concept of belaying glasses came into existence because of their obvious importance. You might think that not wearing Best Belay Glasses would not change a lot for you but its appearance should be a dead giveaway that there is a reason behind why the glasses are as important as they are. 

Besides nobody wants to feel like they are watching a movie from the front row of the theater while participating in a sport that they enjoy. That is exactly why you need belaying glasses, a sprained neck is really not ideal when you are trying to have a good time at the gym or outdoors.  

Belaying glasses evidently take off a lot of load off of your neck which is very welcome especially when you are participating in an adventure activity as strenuous as rock climbing. You might ask yourself why that is so, well the answer will automatically come to you once you go belaying both with and without the glasses. 

When you are belaying someone, you are using a lot of muscle strength over that if you have to look up to check if the person is doing okay, it becomes increasingly difficult for your neck to keep up. Belaying glasses take the load off by providing you an upward facing view without you actually having to tilt your head, making it a life saver. 

And while there are a ton of belaying glasses available in the market, you might want to choose carefully as they are quite difficult to perfect in theory. You don’t want to end up with glasses that don’t work too well whether it is in practicality or fit.

There are not a lot of feature-based differences in different kinds of glasses available in the market but there are a lot of minute details that make certain glasses better than the others. Having so many options with their varied set of differences might make choosing the right one a little difficult. 

We have made the job easy for you, by providing you with the details about the best glasses available in the market so that you can choose what works best for you without looking too far and with the reassurance of good reviews and mass public appeal. The products listed down below are some of the best belaying glasses available in the market and they are also trusted by most professional belayers/ rock climbers making them an ideal choice over the rest.

These are the top 5 products that will help you have a more enjoyable and a less strenuous rock climbing experience.

Belay Specs

Best Belay Glasses

These are your basic belaying glasses with not a lot to go for them besides the fact that they are inexpensive and get the job done. The only outstanding feature that these glasses offer is that they are extremely lightweight which make them the practical choice as the whole point of belaying glasses is to take off as much strain as possible. 

You can barely feel the weight of these things as they weigh no more than two ounces. They are inexpensive which makes it an ideal choice for amateurs that want to build their kit up while also eliminating unnecessary expenses. These come with a lanyard and a rigid glass case which are both equally important when it comes to belaying glasses. 

The lanyard helps you worry less about the glasses falling off your face during use. They have crystal clear glasses which provide a clean upward vision, so say goodbye to blurred, hazy vision. All in all it is a great product if you are just planning to try out belaying glasses for the first time and don’t know what to get. 


These are another great pair of basic belaying glasses. They have a plastic frame and fall under the inexpensive category of belaying glasses. These are similar to Belay Specs both in build and in basic concept, so you can choose either-or depending upon your preferred price or discounts/sales that might benefit either of the products. 

These glasses come with a hard glass case and a lanyard. These are very famous among the common people because of its low price range and efficiency. Another great factor about these glasses is that they claim to be compatible with almost all prescription glasses which is always a plus. 

These aren’t massive in size and won’t cover your entire field of vision when you have them on so you don’t have to keep wearing them and taking them off. All things considered they are a great buy considering the price range and its fulfilling use.

YY Vertical Plasfun Belay Glasses

If you are looking to add a little funk and personal style to belaying glasses, look no more. We all know belaying glasses can look a little hideous so having them available in a range of colours while being equally reliable is all that we ask for. These glasses are available in five different colours for you to choose from. Also these are extremely lightweight and have a plastic frame. 

The plastic frame is thin enough for you to have a peripheral vision along with having an upward vision. These are like your regular belaying glasses but with a fun element to them. They are averagely priced but come with an array of accessories. These glasses come with a hard case, a lanyard, a microfibre cloth, a small screwdriver and two replacement screws. 

The microfibre cloth helps you keep your prisms crystal clear to facilitate a perfect field of vision. The screwdriver and replacement screws are put in for mishaps so you know you can rely on these to be your partner in belaying/climbing for the long haul. These are a great pair of belaying glasses and are highly recommended for anyone who wants to add some extra funk to their belaying glasses. 

YY Vertical Clip UP Belay Glasses

Another great product by YY glasses are these clips on belay glasses. These glasses cannot be worn by themselves so if you don’t have prescription glasses then these are not for you. These are designed specifically for prescription glasses wearing climbers who find it difficult to wear the generic belay glasses. 

These are an obvious choice if you wear prescription glasses even though there are other glasses available that are compatible with glasses because these eliminate all of the hassle that comes with balancing glasses over glasses. They are uniquely made to clip onto the bridge of any type of glasses and they sit perfectly while you need them. They can also be flipped out of sight for when you don’t need them.

Also if you have glasses that are too light to hold the weight of these clip up belaying glasses, they come with anti-slip ear hooks that will hold your glasses in the right place. These glasses come with a sturdy hard case, a microfibre cloth for cleaning the lenses, a carabiner for easy carrying and additional silicone legs. They are the perfect choice if you have glasses prescribed to you and can’t find other belaying glasses which fit over those.

Crush Climbing Crush Vision Belay Glasses

These are another great pair of belaying glasses which are ultra light and also have a metal frame which make them extremely sturdy and strong. They claim to have scratch resistant prisms which is perfect and means it is a good investment and will benefit you in the long run. 

These glasses come with an incredible set of accessories, a hard glass case, a cloth for cleaning the lenses, a carabiner to latch the case onto your harness and also a crush climbing ebook so that you do not only have belay glasses to help your partners but also a training book to help improve your skills. This is a great purchase not only in itself but also considering the accessories that it comes with, it gives you the absolute best bang out of your buck. 

Features to look for when shopping for Best belay glasses


The whole point of buying a pair of belaying glasses is to ensure as much comfort to yourself as you can. While almost all belaying devices available outside will do the job of providing you an upward facing vision, only few will do that while also promising maximum comfort. 


If you are someone with prescribed glasses, having glasses resting on top of glasses might be an uncomfortable idea, especially when you are tired of doing that in movie theaters as it is. There are certain glasses mentioned above that are designed specifically to accommodate prescription glass users. Try to go for belaying glasses that work best for your specificities. 

Price Range 

While there is no bar to buying good quality belaying glasses and those maybe on the expensive side, it’s really not important to spend a whole lot to get good glasses. If you’re just starting out as a belayer/climber, you could go for the inexpensive pair and yet still be assured of good quality. It all depends on your personal preference. 


Weight is an important feature to consider while buying belaying glasses. If the weight of your glasses is too heavy it defeats the purpose of the glasses, hence it is important that you go for something that is light and easy to handle. 

Field of vision 

Try to pick something that is slim and easy to see through. If you have to keep taking your glasses off to view things in your surroundings, chances are you won’t enjoy your glasses as much.


Hence there are a million different products available in the market and a billion different ways to look for them, all you need to do is figure out what works best for you. All of the aforementioned products are best sellers and have helped a lot of professionals and hence are the perfect recommendations for people that are just starting out. Hopefully they help you in your journey as belayer/climber.

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