The Best Climbing Pants – Top 5 Tried And Tested Climbers Pants

If you are wanting to go on a laborious outdoor rock climbing adventure, or practice climbs at your local gym, you will need a good pair climbing pants.

The best climbing pants feature things like breathability, flexibility, and durability, but there are many other factors to consider that will be very helpful to you whether you are inside of a gym or on the edge of a cliff. 

Your best bet for the highest satisfaction is narrowing down your search to a few elements that are most important for you and your rock climbing adventure and then looking for those specific elements in your climbing pants. 

TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants 

The Best Climbing Pants

Cool and comfortable is the TBMPOY Hiking Pants claim to fame. Between its water repellant fabric that will keep the majority of water from sticking to you, and its quick dry material that will make sure even when you do get wet the moisture will dry fast, your climb won’t be an annoyingly wet one.

On your climbing journey, you will most likely need as much space as possible to store carabiners, water, first aid, etc. The TBMPOY has conveniently located zip pockets on the side of the climbing pants and at the back. 

The Elastic belt is extremely helpful when waist flexibility is key, like it is when you are on the side of a cliff face. Being able to move in any direction quickly is imperative and moving while comfortable even more. 

Fleece is woven into the fabric providing you with additional measures of warmth. These climbing pants come in fleece thickness of 1 or 2. The fleece can also add another measure of comfort especially if you’re climbing harness tends to get uncomfortable with thinner clothes.

Some climbers have found sizing to be bit difficult and would recommend a size up if you are going order them online.

Also, you may want to test out the water repellant feature for these climbing pants. There don’t seem to issued with the quick dry feature, but some climbers have suggested it may not be as water proof as advertised. 


  • Durable and breathable
  • Choice of linings and designs.
  • Multi-use


  • Sizing is difficult

Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants 

Singbring Outdoor pants are made with a soft, polyester shell that allow the pants to be quite durable but also very lightweight. Especially when climbing in higher hotter climates, these pants are perfect for giving you protection while allowing you to not over heat.

The material also does not chafe and has a very smooth feel against your skin. This is a huge plus, as you may need to be very flexible and stretch the material over your knees and legs.

These climbing pants also feature and adjustable waste, keeping comfort at the forefront of your adventures. 

Zippered pockets are always a must when climbing in order to keep all your necessary items and tools in place while you’re high up on the face of a cliff, or even inside of a gym. The pockets are also unusually deep, which lets you expand the amount of gear you can have with you. Thats a big deal!

As for price, the price is much more affordable than other climbing pants with the same features, especially waterproof features.

A downside to the Singbring is that they don’t really lend themselves to being worn with a high boot. If you are need to hike to your next rock climbing point, a lower cut hiking boot may need to be worn.


  • Comfortable and soft shell
  • Deep spacious pockets


  • Not compatible for top boots

BenBoy Men’s Hiking Pants Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Quick Dry Climbing Camping Pants

Benboys  breathable and abrasion resistant pants are a pretty great addition to any climbers pant arsenal. Its fabric is 92% polyester and 8% spandex, allowing great flexibility even with its slim fit. 

The feel the of the pants is smooth and slick on the outside, part of its water resistant, quick dry makeup, and it is soft and has a jogger pants like feel on the inside which aids in warming you on your climb.

Water and wind resistant, these climbing pants will give you a peace of mind when wading through a stream or river to get to your next climbing, and while you are dangling from the cliff face, strong winds won’t cut through your pants as easily as some other climbing pants.

The Benboys pants feature an elastic waste that allows for ease of movement. It can also be detached if it is not needed, a very handy feature. However the durability of the belt is sometimes in question. 

Zippers are all over these climbing pants so you can store small necessary items for your climb. However the depth of the pockets leave something be desired.

The price is also comparable to other higher priced climbing pants which offers climbers a great option if they don’t have the ability to purchase name brands.

These pants do run a tad long, so you may want to be careful in picking out the sizes.


  • Very warm
  • Great moisture-wicking 
  • Slim fit


  • Small pockets
  • Finicky zips
  • Pant legs too long

Postropaky Mens Hiking Quick Dry Lightweight Stretch Pants Outdoor Travel Climbing Trousers

The Postropaky climbing trousers have a fabric make up similar to other flexible and water/wind resistant pants, 94% polyester and 6% spandex, but also features a kind of technical coating that allows the temperature of the pants to stay warm and keeps moisture from entering. 

A 4-sided stretch fabric is used which amplifies the stretch factor and also forces moisture to rise to the top of the material where it can then evaporate into the air. The material is also ant-scratch, so you can go on harsh climbs but still sport a great looking pair of climbing pants.  

These climbing pants have a weight of about 0.65 LB’s which makes them ideal for comfort and not being weighed down on your rock climbing journey. 

An elastic waist band is also sported here, and not only that, but 6 zippers allow for a multitude of climbing items to be carried, unlike some other pants which only feature 3 to 4 pockets. Also, the zippers are a bright orange  color for easy visibility.

Price is again a pro for these climbing pants. It is difficult to find the best climbing pants with this kind of affordability.

Fit may be an obstacle for some especially in the waist and lower region and adjustments may have to be made.


  • Price
  • Ant-scratch


  • Fit

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hiking Pants Water Resistant

The Magcomsen  hiking pants feature two different types of thickness, which is a great bonus for those looking to customize their climbing adventure. The heavy duty option is definitely made for colder weather climbs, having a higher thickness in its fleece. The lightweight option comes with a thinner, more breathable layer of fleece and is tailored for water climate climbs.

Reinforcement in the knees of these climbing pants is also a huge bonus. The knee of any pants is where the most stress is felt, so having a higher degree of reinforcement in this area will increase the lifespan of these climbing pants. The resistance in the knee may take a little while for you to get used to, but the effect is definitely desirable for longevity. 

A downside to the Magcomsen is its clasp. The design isn’t as intuitive as other climbing pants and a button/hole system may have been a better choice. Clasping and unclasping may have to be a careful process as jerking the clasp may cause it to fail.

Also the zippers durability and build leaves something to be desired. As with the clasp on these climbing pants, greater care when zipping and unzipping may need to be taken.

A great selection of pockets is also features here, a rear pocket, two hand pockets, and a larger thigh pocket are available. All include zipper closures to keep every item as secure as possible.


  • Water Resistant
  • Fleece Lining


  • Sizing 
  • Zipper durability 

Buyers Guide

When looking for the best climbing pants out there, you definitely want to consider a few fundamental factors that either make or break your climbing expedition. Having a good idea of what you personally want before getting your climbing pants will keep you from searching through dozens of different options and also you will end being more satisfied with the climbing pants you end up owning.


Since climbing pants have to be as durable as possible, comfort can sometimes be an issue. Also, pants with slim fit are designed to not be too floppy as safety is paramount when climbing and you don’t want your pant legs to get caught on something.

You will want to look for pants that are made of flexible material, this way, even if the fit is a bit irregular, your range of motion and comfort won’t be nearly as compromised.

Another option would be to buy one size up, creating a regular fit for yourself.

Water and Wind Resistant

As the environments you will be climbing in may be harsh, windy, rainy, etc. you will want to find a pair of the best climbing pants for keeping the elements at bay.

Wick away material is a must, not only for keeping away rain, but also for your own sweat. Certain materials can cause moisture to rise through the layers of the pants and bring them to the top in order for them to evaporate. 

Quick dry is also a big deal. Eventually your pants will definitely become soaked, and the time for your climbing pants to become dry will make your climb either miserable or much more pleasant. 

Also, finding a climbing pant that breaks strong winds will be crucial when you are wanting to stay warm in colder climates.


Material, thickness, and reinforcement, are all things you should be looking for when trying to determine how long your climbing pants are going to last you.

Material made up of a two different sources is usually strongest. Thickness is not always directly related to durability, but it is definitely something look for in your climbing pants. 

Some climbing pants have portions of its design reinforced beyond the normal material, which a big plus. Sometimes it can be found in the knee or the rear, as these are the areas that feel the most stress. 


Q: How do I tell what kinds of temperatures climbing pants can handle?

A: Typically, anything above 50 degrees will be comfortable when wearing pants that don’t have a fleece lining, or if they have a thin fleece thickness. 

However, anything below 50 degrees you will probably want to find climbing pants that specifically have a fleece in them and possibly ones that have a higher than normal fleece thickness.

Q: What are the washing instruction for climbing pants?

A: Since climbing pants have a variety of materials in them, you may want to soak this type of pant in a tub or sink rather than sticking it in your washing machine. It’s also probably not recommended that you put in the dryer, as this exposes the material to an undue amount of high heat for a long period of time.

If you really want to use your washer machine, you still could. However you will probably want to stay away from the dryer and just hang dry them.

Q: How waterproof are climbing pants usually?

A: It depends on the pants themselves. Most climbing pants claim that they are waterproof, but some may not be as effective as others. Your best bet would be to look for pants that have an extra topical layer that is made for water resistance. 

Q: Can I use these pants for other things besides rock climbing?

A: Yes. Climbing pants are meant to be very durable so using them for other actives is ok.

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