Petzl Adjama Review

Are you looking to get the best climbing harnesses for awesome comfort, great stability, and best possible versatility? Check out this guide for the Petzl Adjama climbing harness. 

This guide is going to look at a couple of the key areas, but will also examine a couple more, allowing you to make the best decision on if the Adjama harness is the right one for you, or not.

Getting another climbing harness to round out your collection is an awesome way to make sure you can go on any type of climb, because we all know no one harness can meet all that you need.

This guide for the Petzl Adjam harness covers a lot of information as far as utility, but you can decide how it suits you the best. 

What if you are looking to replace your current climbing harness? You are still going to need to know as much as possible about the Petzl Adjama climbing harness. 

This guide will give you an in-depth look into the specific details of the harness or Petzl Adjama Review and will help you greatly in making the best decision possible.

In depth Petzl Adjama Review

Petzl Adjama Review

Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness Score

  • Versatility – 7 out of 10
  • Belaying Comfort – 9 out of 10
  • Hanging Comfort – 8 out of 10
  • Standing Comfort – 3 out of 10

How Well Does the Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness Actually Perform?

It is Comfortable.

This heavier iteration of the Petzl climbing harness was redesigned a couple of years ago and their new build featured a little bit lower profile and is also a little bit thinner. 

It’s still heavier than other Petzl harnesses, but this is because of its better build and comfort, allowing you to go on traditional and multi-pitch climbs.  

It Has Great Fit

You are going to be able to have a much better fit with this newer design because of those adjustable leg loops. 

Most other harnesses have either elastic to help them fit to the climber’s body or the climber just has to size their harness correctly. Not so with this harness, as it is very adjustable to the climbers body type. 

The Gear Loops Are Big

The gear loops are a really great change as well. They are all oversized so that you can utilize more gear on your climb. The rear loop is oversized as well which is a unique feature. The longer, harder climbs may make up more of your actually climbing routes, so the Ptezl Adjama is going to be a pretty great harness if this is the case for you. 

The extra wide waist belt is similar in design and comfort to another climbing harness, the Arc/terx AR-395a.  However, the Adjama’s features are just more reliable in use and made with more quality material. 

Also, the affordability of this Petzl climbing harness is so good. It is half the cost of some other similar offerings.

Is the Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness Comfortable When Hanging?

It is Comfortable When Hanging

In the back of your legs and also in your lower back is where most of the stress and pressure is going to be found when hanging in your harness. 

The ability of each harness to evenly distribute your weight between those two points is going to be a defining factor in whether or not that is a comfortable and secure harness to be using. 

The Endoframe Really Helps

For the Petzl Adjama, it’s Endoframe construction is what makes it so very comfortable and a top choice for long hang times. 

The material is very breathable too which really adds to the comfort of the harness. The material is a thin foam layer that sits on the inside and outside of the waist and leg loops.

It Still Rides Up

A common problem with climbing harnesses is still present here, even though it is much less so that others. The waist belt rides up a little bit and after a long period of hanging it may cause some discomfort to your kidney area and possibly to your lower ribs as well. 

However the leg loops do a great job of not cutting off your circulation. 

If you are going to be hanging around a lot in your climbing harness, you will definitely be hard pressed to find another more comfortable harness for you to use. 

There are definitely lighter options that you could choose, but those have a much more skeletal design that will only allow you to hang for a limited amount of time. 

Does the Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness Let You Be Mobile and Comfortable When Standing?

It’s Not As Comfortable When Standing

Your comfort while standing is a little bit less than preferable. There are a few other climbing harnesses that provide more comfort while standing than this one does. 

However, those harnesses are of very, very good quality. So as far as standing comfort, this will definitely suit your needs pretty well at whatever experience level you are.

It’s Bulky, So It’s Not That Mobile

Being bulkier than some other harnesses is the main complaint with this piece. It’s tougher to walk around in as your mobility is hindered by the larger design. 

It is definitely not uncomfortable, it just doesn’t lend itself to being able to aid your mobility because of the shape. So if you are going to be hiking a good way to your destination, this may not be the best harness to wear.

Sturdy Belay Loops

The belay loop is definitely sturdy, which means it’s a little bit bigger than most. So while you are walking it hangs down and swings a bit, which is not a deal breaker by any means, but it’s a little annoying at times.

Overall, since the leg loops are adjustable, you can get a more precise fit which will help a little bit with the bulk and lack of great mobility. But in the end, having this much comfort in a climbing harness is a pretty good trade off for not having the best climbing comfort in the world, but still having pretty good comfort. 

Does the Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness Have Lots of Features?

It Has Lots of Features

This climbing harness is built for long, hard climbs. Naturally this harness has plenty of features that allow you to be climbing those types of climbs. 

If you are doing multi-pitch climbs, the gear you will need will have more variety, it will be heavier since you will have more of it, and it will be a little more specialized as well. 

It Has Adjustable Leg Loops

Its leg loops are one of the best things about this harness. They actually have a buckle that is double-backed. 

Thick webbing is built into them and makes it difficult for the buckle to come loose while you are walking or climbing. Thinner webbing in other harnesses can cause the buckles to become dangerously loose suddenly. 

It Has a Great Waist

Three different elastic loops encompass the waist strap to allow for the best and safest fit. 

This design allows the double-backed buckle to stay in place so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose either. It also makes sure the end of the webbing doesn’t hang down when you are walking or climbing. 

Lots of Gear Loops

Already there are five great loops on the Adjama climbing harness, so the rear loop is a super good addition. Again, this will just add to the quality of this harness.

 Petzl has also made an attachment for this climbing harness that actually turns it into an ice climbing harness. The Caritool EVO ice clippers fit perfectly over the waist belt, turning the Adjam into one of the most versatile calking harnesses. 

Pros and Cons of the Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness


  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Comfort
  • Features


  • Walking comfort
  • Bulky 

Is the Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness Comfortable When Belaying?

Belaying is Really Comfortable

Rounded edges and padded leg loops make belaying no problem with the Adjama harness. This allows a much better fit and comfort when your partner is climbing above you and you have to be their anchor for either a short amount of time or a longer amount of time. 

Either way, this harness will help take as much pressure off as possible. 

Your Legs Won’t feel bad

Your legs are going to be the main stabilization point when you are belaying, the harness you wear is going to put the most pressure near or on your femoral artery. 

This means that if too much stress is found there, your blood flow in the biggest muscles in your body could be restricted and cause a lot of fatigue. 

Falling Doesn’t Hurt as Bad

Also, if you fall in the harness, since it has such great, rounded edges, there is no part of the leg loops to cinch harshly in the crotch area. 

This is a huge plus and isn’t featured in many other climbing harnesses, at least not to this extent. This couple with the foam found in the leg loops as well makes the Ptezl Adjama one of the best in class. 

Is the Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness Versatile?

It’s More for Sport Climbing

There are lighter and lower profile harnesses out there that may work better for versatility than the Adjama. Even though it’s very comfortable and has great gear loops, you are more likely to use it for sport climbing than anything. 

This is mostly because it’s a little bulky so it can go from this type of climb to that type of climb because it is so geared towards one type.

Hiking is Difficult

Also, the bulkiness prevents you from using it much on a hiking or mountaineering climb where you will be walking for longer periods of time. 

For that kind of activity, you are going to want a thinner, lighter harness, especially since while on that kind of climb you are going to be carrying a pack that may come into conflict with the larger harness. 

Does the Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness Have Good Value?

It’s Pretty Affordable 

The affordability actually comes in at a middling rating. Since it has great features, such as a lot of gear loops that are also oversized, and a weight distribution system that rivals most harnesses out there, its value is pretty great. 

However, if you look at the cost compared to some other similar climbing harnesses, especially when you take the lack of versatility into account, it sort of equals out in terms of value for money. 

What’s the Verdict on Petzl Adjama Climbing Harness?

Great for Multi-Pitch and Trad Climbs

If you are going to be doing a multi-pitch climb or if you are doing a more traditional climb, the Petzl Adjama is really an awesome harness for you. It is very comfortable while also giving you a ton of space for carrying crampons, cams, carabiners, etc. 

It is definitely affordable for the features that it gives you and even though it is a little bit bulky which decreases its versatility a good bit. Even so, this Petzl Adjama is a great choice for your climbing needs. 

It’s Endoframe is Very Supportive

A very comfortable Endoframe is utilized in the Petzl Adjama climbing harness. This is such a great feature because in order to climb much longer traditional routes whether you are doing the climb actively or you are helping a partner belay. Comfort is one of the most important factors and the Adjama does a great job at it. 

Lots of Gear Loops

All five of the gear loops featured on the Petzl Adjama are huge! The oversized nature of these gear loops are amazing for larger amounts of gear, heavier amounts of gear, and all this will allow you to have a much better climbing experience by giving more versatility and a safer climb by making you more prepared than ever. 

The rear gear loop is also oversized which isn’t totally normal for most climbing harnesses. The rear gear loop is really great for carrying large items as it’s the most stabilized one. 

It’s perfect for carrying things like large jackets for when the weather gets colder or a pair of extra shoes for your next approach. 

Adjustable Leg Loops

Thankfully, the leg loops are totally adjustable. Other climbing harnesses either don’t have adjustable leg loops or their leg loops are stretchy enough to be somewhat manipulatable.

 But nothing beats actually adjustable leg loops not only for giving as much comfort as possible, but also for giving the most amount of safety.

Too Bulky

A flaw with this climbing harness is that it is a little bit too bulky for some people’s taste. Many climbers mostly climb inside of a gym or do sport climbing, where speed and efficiency are the key factors. 

However, when you are attempting to do a multi-pitch climb where you are going to be out for longer, and if you are doing a traditional crag climb, you will want the Petzl Adjama climbing harness. 

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