La Sportiva TX3 Review

La Sportiva TX3 Review

You need to expect a lot from your approach shoes. They are the piece of gear that will literally get you to your climb and allow your adventure to start. Before you actually put on your regular rock climbing shoes to climb up the rock face, the approach shoe is the one you will use to traverse the terrain leading up to your climb. 

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your perfect approach shoe. The best way to find out the best shoe to pick is to get an in depth La Sportiva TX3 Review about the approach shoe that you are considering. Along with durability, comfort, and performance abilities, you will need to consider your specific climbing style and what kind of climb you are going to usually be going on with this approach shoes. 

This guide will let you find out the nitty gritty of the La Sportiva TX3. This will allow you to use the information to make the best decision about what approach shoe is right for you and which one is not. 

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La Sportiva TX3 Review

La Sportiva TX3 Review Climbing Shoe Score

Durability – 8 out of 10

Weight – 8 out of 10

Support – 8 out of 10

Climbing Ability – 7 out of 10

Comfort – 6 out of 10

How Well Does the La Sportiva TX3VS Climbing Shoe Actually Perform?

The reason you want your approach shoe to be a pretty adequate climbing shoe is because in your effort to get to your ideal climbing destination, the road isn’t going to be a perfectly paved asphalt. 

You’re going to need a pair of climbing shoes that performs well in as many areas as possible. 

Climbing Zone is Great

You want a good bit of tough material at the front of your approach shoe so that you will be able to handle the tough terrain leading up to your actual climb. 

The TX3 handles this terrain really well with its thick front rubber and stiff sole. It also performs really well when you need to get a good hold on small edges. Obviously it won’t be as effective at edging as an actual climbing shoe, but it can still handle small edges pretty well. 

Fits in Cracks Well

Also, the shoe’s width is relatively narrow so in a pinch if you have to fit your shoe into a crack that has medium width, the TX3 should be able to give you enough support to continue making your way to your true climb. 

Is the La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe Comfortable?

La Sportiva TX3 Review

Great Lace Placement

If you are able to get a super good fit for your approach shoe, you will be a lot more comfortable on your way to your climb. The TX3 has really good lace placement, which reaches to the far front of the shoe which allows for a higher adjustment than if it didn’t reach as far. 

Depending on the type of terrain you’re climbing on, you should be able to get a really tight, supportive fit for tougher, more technical areas, that require a good deal of support. 

Also, you will be able to loosen more areas of the shoe to get a more comfortable fit when tightening up the laces aren’t as necessary. 

It can be even more of an approach shoe than most, because you should get a really good comfort level even before you get close to your climb area. You should be able to wear these approach shoes no problem around town and at home before the climb. 

Breathable Mesh

The material that is used in the upper part of the shoe is super breathable, making your feet not as susceptible to moisture buildup which definitely leads to a higher comfort level. 

Since they are so breathable, they are definitely going to get your feet wet pretty quickly. However, the mesh and other material that the shoe is made out of dries really well even after getting soaked. 

Stiff Midsole, Great Support

Though the thought of a more rigid midsole may seem to go against the idea of comfort, however, your feet need a good measure of stiffness to support them while walking or climbing, but not too much so as to make your feet ache. 

The TX3 has a really great midsole that provides enough stiffness to give your foot support which should give you all day comfort, while not being too rigid and causing your feet to ache after a long trek. 

Does the La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe Have Good Support?

Sometimes you will be able to go on a climb and have access to your climb by road. But this won’t always be the case. Sometimes you’ll have a long, hard approach to your actual climb, so you need a good deal of support to make it there. 

Arch Support 

It’s stiff midsole provides great arch support. This is the part of your foot that is the most important part of your foot support, and usually the first to give out. 

Since the TX3 provides such great support particularly in this area, you should have a good deal of support, keeping you stable on harsh terrain. 

Great Design

Not only is the sole and midsole great at supporting your foot, but the outer lugs of the shoe are spread out in a way that gives great stability. 

Does the La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe Have Good Weight?

While climbing, you will want as little weight with you as possible. You’re going to have to have a good bit of gear anyway since you’ll need to be ready for anything. However, the lighter you can make each piece of gear, the better and more enjoyable your climb will be. 

The TX3 is very rugged, rigid, and gives tons of support. However even with this rough design it only weighs about ten ounces. 

It isn’t the lightest approach shoe out there, but it is definitely well below the weight of other approach shoes while also being just as supportive. 

Is the La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe Durable?

Strong Outer Sole and Mesh

The outer sole of the TX3 is super burly, giving a lot of not only support, but a ton of durability as well. 

Even though it has a mesh upper, which usually decreases its toughness against abrasions and therefore decreases its durability as well, the TX3 holds up really well. The mesh is made out of really strong material which gives it the overall durability it has. 

A lot of other approach shoes have smooth soles that don’t hold up as well under rugged treatment. Since the TX3 has great outer lugs that hold up well to harsh terrain, they are going to last you longer than approach shoes with smoother soles.

The only flaw with durability on the TX3 comes from the clip loop. They are pretty flimsy and don’t really seem to be able to hang from loops for very long. 

What are the Best Applications for the  La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe?

Light, Supportive, and Comfortable

Versatility is one of the TX3’s strong suits. Since the approach shoe is so light, you’ll be able to bring it along on pretty much any hike no matter how difficult. You aren’t going to be weighed down by this pair of shoes. 

Since it’s super supportive, it should also stand up against a variety of climbs, so you won’t have to worry about bringing another pair along for a different climb that your sole pair can’t handle. 

Though it has a rigid design and stiff midsole, it is super comfortable. This will allow you to climb for longer periods of time and have a better time doing it. 

Great Overall Performance

Since the TX3 actually performs really well on a couple of different climbing skills, such as edging, smearing, and crack climbing, its application is almost limitless. Obviously no one approach shoe can get everything done for you, but the TX3 comes really close. 

Does the La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe Have Good Value?

Technical Performance Makes This Shoe Worth it

Since the TX3 can perform so well in so many different areas, mainly in the areas where your dedicated rock climbing shoe would normally perform, it’s value for money is pretty high. 

Just like a rock climbing shoe, an approach shoe won’t cover all your needs and you may need a couple of pairs of them to make sure that whatever climb you’re going on will be successful. 

But with the TX3 won’t be so versatile, you won’t need that many approach shoes. 


The TX3 is a pretty affordable shoe, especially when you are comparing other approach shoes that have similar performance. Those shoes are $40-50 more expensive than the TX3, giving this pair of approach shoes a really high value for money. 

Pros and Cons of the La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe


  • Light
  • Comfortable 


  • Durability 

How does the La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe Compare?


The La Sportiva TX3 definitely has great performance, but the TX2 actually beats it out in overall performance when talking about things like, edging ability, crack climbing, and smearing. 

It isn’t a huge gap between the TX3 and the TX2 performance, but it’s enough to consider getting the TX2 specifically if you are going to go on a climb where you know that leading up to your actual climb, the terrain is going to be tough and you will need some of those technical skills to have the most enjoyable climb. 

TX3 VS Acrux  

The Arc’teryx Acrux SL doesn’t have the same kind of support that the TX3 does. Its sole is stiffer than the Acrux and this gives you more support while you are climbing. If you’re going to be having a good bit of gear with you, you are going to want the TX3 over the Acrux to give you enough to support the weight of the gear. 

The Acrux is a good bit lighter than the TX3, which also lends to its lack of support. The lighter the shoe typically is not the most supportive shoe as it has to have a good bit of sturdiness to be that supportive, and light approach shoes don’t give that stability. 


The La Sportiva TX4 has superior comfort. It far outweighs the TX3 made in the area of comfort and will most definitely allow you to climb a long approach and not worry about being worn out by the time you get to your actual climb. 

However, the TX3’s weight is so much lower than the TX4. The gap is huge and the TX3 will barely add to your gear weight and they are much more packable if you end up needing to stuff them into your pack.

TX3 VS Boulder X 

The Boulder is super heavy. It is not a shoe that you can just sling onto your gear pack and not worry about it weighing you down. You will definitely have to get used to the weight either while climbing or while approaching. 

But the support that the Boulder X offers is unparalleled. The ability to give your foot extreme support is the Boulder’s superpower, much more so than the TX3. You will also be able to keep this shoe for a long time because the super supportive frame is also extremely durable and should serve you well for a long time. 

What’s the Verdict on La Sportiva TX3 Climbing Shoe?

Great for Rough Terrain, Durable

You should be able to go on really tough climbs with this approach shoe. You will be able to get to rougher terrain than you are used to, and once you actually get your climb and have to sling the approach shoes on to your pack, you won’t have to worry about it weighing you down.

Its durability will be a huge plus as well, because the approaches are often tough and put a strain on your shoes.