17 Unique Rocking Gift Ideas for Rock Climbers

Finding gifts for rock climbers isn’t easy right? Haven’t we all thought at one point that why can’t the climbers find another hobby? Don’t worry, you have come to the perfect place. We have compiled a list of the perfect presents that will bring a huge smile on your climber friend’s face. These Gift Ideas For Rock Climbers are perfect for all occasions, whether it is for birthdays or Christmas. And don’t worry, you won’t have to drill a mountain-sized hole in your pocket.

Climbskin hair repair cream

gift ideas for rock climbers

Rock climbing is not easy. It is a rough activity that sometimes goes on for days, leaving their hands rough and full of blisters. We did some research on which hand repair cream works the best. The cream should not only repair your hands but it should not be too oily or thick after application.

The ClimbSkin hand repair cream is just that and more. The feeling of thick cream on your hands is not enjoyable. Maybe when you are going to sleep, it can be bearable, but other than that, nothing is worse than a thick, sticky cream. 

This is a gift that rock climbers will never get tired of as their hands will always need repairing. Plus, it smells great too!

Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAH

Nature doesn’t come with electronic sockets. Thus, a gift that will help the rock climbers charge their important electronic gadgets with ease, will make the climbers as happy as they can get. Hiluckey solar charger is extremely efficient and runs on solar energy. It can be used to charge phones, cameras, tablets and several other things. 

This charger is dust-proof, water resistant and shockproof. This solar charger is designed for all the adventurous people out there. There are four individual panels on the charger that help capture the sunlight efficiently. This portable charger also comes with two USB outputs, enabling you to charge two devices simultaneously. 

The full battery is powerful enough to charge ten smartphones and about four charges for your tablet. It is very convenient as you can lay the panels wherever you are or you can hang the charger from your pack while hiking. This is one of the most wanted items of rock climbers. 

FrictionLabs loose chalk

This is probably one of the best companies for climbing chalk. It feels much better than any other chalk available in the market. Gorilla grip is a great combination. It is chunky but not overtly chunky. There are different kinds of chalks available that you can choose from. This is a great gift that is priced under $25. And thus, it is a win-win for you as well as your climber friend. 

Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle

This is a bottle made of stainless steel that will keep the temperature controlled in any weather condition. Hydro flask bottles are considered some of the best for gym, office, home or adventurers.

As it is made out of stainless steel, the durability of this bottle is magnificent. It also can store hot water for 12 hours and cold water for 24 hours. You have the option of choosing different colors depending on the climber’s personality. 

Gripmaster Pro Edition

It is an amazing portable and effective finger strengthening device. This device can not only strengthen the fingers of climbers but also successfully manage to bring back the sensation of climbing even when they are not on the rocks.

This can be a perfect gift for climbers who are maybe unable to climb because of weather conditions or because of work. Gift them a device that will also help them channel their frustrations. 

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

It is an all-natural concoction with ingredients that helps fix damaged skin and heal wounds or blisters. This concoction is made especially for climbers and is completely organic and free of fragrance.

 It is a beautiful mixture of lavender, jojoba oils, tea tree and wildcrafted chaparral. It is void of any chemicals and helps heal wounds in a natural way and also brings moisture back in the climber’s hands. It doesn’t soften the calluses produced by the body for protection.

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Gear Patches

Simple idea and an affordable one, this stuff is the real deal for climbers all around. Climbers are sometimes very attached to their down jackets or their Hard Shells. But the rips that occur are inevitable when you are a rock climber. This is why the gear aid tape patches are a great gift. The climbers can patch their favourite gear items and keep on reusing it. 

This is also great because the gear used for rock climbing isn’t cheap at all. They can save a lot of money by patching and using their loved gear. The tape is great and it also comes in various kinds of fun shapes. 

Luci Outdoor 2.0 Solar Lantern

It is a necessary and convenient illumination that works without batteries. It is definitely one of the coolest accessories for climbers and also much needed. It is a solar lamp that is inflatable, thus, not taking up a lot of space. It is perfect for outdoor climbing as Lucy gets fully charged in 7 hours and can offer light for about 12 hours. 

You can also carry this in water bodies as the lamp is water resistant to 1 meter. Do you need more convincing? Go ahead and buy this for climbers right away!

Portable Espresso Maker

You don’t know what the weather is going to be like in the woods. But what can know that the mornings of your climber friend can start on a perfect note. Climbers traditionally used to make instant coffee due to lack of options. But now thanks to a portable espresso maker, it is easy to make a hot, crisp cup of espresso coffee.

Sublime Climbing Brush

Although there are tons of climbing brushes available in the market, Sublime’s climbing brush is a step ahead. It easily cleans all the grease that climbing holds and there is also a secret compartment in the brush where you store anything they like. A climber is always in need of some good climbing brushes. 

Acupressure Massage Rings

Umm, yes, we know they look slightly weird. But they can be great gifts for climbers. These are easy to travel with rings that when worn by climbers, provide great soothing and are an amazing tool for finger recovery. When you stroke the ring along your fingers, they apply pressure consistently, and also blood flow is promoted.

Don’t discard this gift based on its looks. It is a very useful item which can be also used as a bold accessory. 

Thera Cane

Thera cane is a great mechanism that helps to relieve specific areas throughout the body and target knots or tight muscles everywhere. It doesn’t matter if the knots are on shoulders, legs, neck etc.

Thera cane will work its magic. It is a massager that adds pressure to muscles that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. It is also not expensive and very easy to carry anywhere you know. Every climber needs a massager as they always have tense muscles. 

Mighty Bliss Massager

This is also a massager but is slightly more advanced than the Thera Cane. It has six different kinds of massage head options targeted for different body parts. It has a 3,700 RPM motor featured as well. If you have a higher budget, then we suggest you go for this message as it also comes with a lifetime

Petzl GRIGRI +

Petzl has come up with the best braking belaying assistance technology. For all the non-climbers, let me explain what it is and why it is a big deal. The GRIRI+ is the new member of Petzl and provides assisted-braking technology. 

Which essentially means that when the climber falls, this device helps the belayer to easily put a brake the fall as the mechanism cams into the rope. So even if the belayer loses his/her attention, the device will lock and they will prevent the climbing from dropping.  

It is an excellent device working for the safety of the climber and shows that you care about your friend’s safety. 

Dr. Bronner’s Soap Sampler Pack

Dr. Bronner has come up with a soap for your clothes, dishes, teeth, body and whatever you might need. And the plus point is that it is completely biodegradable. So, you don’t have to worry about your friend destroying nature. A climber doesn’t have to compromise on their personal hygiene. 

This soap has essential oils that are refreshing and Dr. Bronner offers soap for about 18 and more uses. The soap can replace dish soaps, toothpaste, detergent, shampoo and so much more. The concentrate is 90% ingredients made with organic products and the bottles are completely recyclable. So, this is a great gift not just for the climber but also for the environment.

Rock-climbing Tshirt

If none of these things work out for you, then a classic gift would be climbing hats or shirts. There are various brands that offer climbing centric designs for climbers that are made for climbers, by climbers. As they are made by climbers’, they are durable and are made of perfect material for climbing.

Black Diamond Vector Helmet

Rock climbing helmets have come very far from when it started. Black diamond vector helmets are far apart from the ones being offered in the market. These helmets are lightweight and offer great coverage along with being breathable. Helmets are another safety-oriented gift that show your friends that you care for them. 

Black Diamond vector is a strong and durable helmet that will last for a very long time. 


Yet we know that gift picking for your climber friends has always been tough. But we have curated the absolute best picks for you. So, go pick one gift from this list and send your climber friend’s happiness through the roof, or should we say through the mountain? 

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