Climb X Rave Shoe

Climb X Rave Shoe Review

The Rave is a really good beginner climbing shoe and will get you great performance results on your climbing adventure. And even if you are a more experienced climber you will be really pleased by the high level of comfort. They definitely won’t break your bank, and in return you will have a great overall climbing shoe. 

This guide will give you all the details of the Climb X Rave Shoe Review climbing shoe and help you make the best, most informed decision.

In Depth Guide of the Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe

Climb X Rave Shoe review

Climb X Rave Shoe Review Climbing Shoe Score

Performance – 6 out of 10

Comfort – 8 out of 10

Sensitivity – 5 out of 10

How Well Does the Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe Actually Perform?

The Climb X Rave isn’t the best at performance. If you are a beginner, it will allow you to do a few of the skills that are important to begin learning, such as edging, crack climbing, and pocket climbing, however, you won’t be able to do any of these particularly well. 

Part of this is related to the climbing shoe’s X-Factor rubber. It’s just not as sticky as other rubber shoes, so many parts of performance that require a stickier rubber won’t be able to have the same ability. 

Just Ok at Edging

The Climb X Rave climbing shoe is pretty good for edging. It has a very slight downturn that helps give your foot a good amount of support while trying to get a hold on smaller than normal ledges. 

For shoes that don’t have this kind of support, you’ll have to use a good bit of your own foot muscle to try and stand on those smaller than average rock faces. 

It is still a shoe that is meant for beginners and intermediates, so it doesn’t have the kind of downturn necessary for more advanced edging and smaller ledges. However it is a great starter climbing shoe for starting to try to get better at this skill. 

You will still be able to stand on somewhat small edges, but it still isn’t enough to get great hold on a variety of smaller rock outcroppings. 

Good for Crack Climbing

Despite its very slight downturn, the shoe still has a great, flat shape to it, which ends up being pretty good for crack climbing. Flatter shoes usually give better support when they are inside of a crack because if your shoe is too downturned then most of the support will be forced towards your big toe, which is perfect for edging or pocket climbing, but not so much for crack climbing. 

Also, its sole is relatively rigid, so you won’t have to worry about the lack of support from this part of the shoe. This is important in crack climbing because even if you have a relatively flat design, you still need a rigid sole to add to that support. 

Another problem climbing shoes have with crack climbing is that their Asymmetry is a little bit too high. You want good low asymmetry so that the weight of your body can be distributed evenly across the shoe, adding to the stability it gives. If the point of the shoe is in line with the middle of the climbing shoe, this tells you the show has great asymmetry and will evenly distribute your weight. 

Not Good for Pocket Climbing

Since the shoe is made for beginners, it’s definitely a softer shoe over all. It has plenty of padding, but the aim of the shoe is to be comfortable over performing well. 

The toe of the shoe isn’t very pointed either. If you are looking for a climbing shoe that will serve you pretty well when attempting tougher climbs with a lot of deep and shallow pockets, you are going to want a shoe that has a talon like structure to the toe so it can hook into the pocket. 

You’ll also want a shoe that has a longer than average toe that can get as deep into the pocket as possible.

A moderately downturned climbing shoe is also preferable when climbing in and out of pockets because without that, you may be able to get into the pocket, and even hook into it well, but you’re going to need that downturned support so you won’t be using the muscle strength of your foot alone. 


Usually, a beginner shoe isn’t very durable. However, the Rave is pretty durable and should last you a while. However, because of this, the climbing shoe isn’t very sensitive. You won’t be able to get a good feel of the rock underfoot, and so you are not going to be able to do tougher climbs that require you to be able to feel the unique surfaces very well. 

The reason for the low sensitivity is the X-Factor rubber that is built into the shoe. It’s thick and long lasting, which is great if you are wanting to keep this shoe for a long time. However it spells bad news for you if you want a good deal of sensitivity. 

If you are a beginner, you may not need this level of sensitivity. You will want to focus on correct foot placement before needing to focus your attention to being able to climb on unique and tough to feel surfaces.

Is the Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe Comfortable?

Super Comfortable

The Rave is a really comfortable shoe. It’s high comfort comes from its design as a beginner shoe. If you are a beginner, you will really want a shoe that will allow you to go on climbs for a long period of time to practice as many skills as you need to. 

There are a couple of elements that contribute to this high level of comfort. 

Padded Ankle Cuff

Usually, the ankle of your climbing shoe will have either a higher fit or a low profile. The higher fit is usually a protective measure that allows your ankle not to get scuffed up during your climb. 

But a lower profile usually allows for a better fit, allowing less space for your foot to slip around in which leads to a much higher comfort. 

But the Rave utilizes both of these elements to allow for superior comfort and also great protection. There is a good amount of ankle cuff present in the rave to allow for protection and also a high level of comfort. 

Polypropylene Material

The midsole of the Rave is actually made from a thermoplastic type material called Polypropylene that is actually used in other industries as padding and support. 

Most of this material is concentrated in the midsole which is how they offer the support but most of all their great comfort

The material is also located in the heel so you don’t have to worry about lack of comfort in that area. The heel is a lot of times where the least amount of comfort is, especially when the heel rubs up against your foot for long periods of time. 

Very Breathable

Mesh material is all throughout this shoe, which lends itself to a much higher breathability. You should get a good amount of airflow through your climbing shoe. Not only does this allow for much higher comfort levels, but this also ensures that your shoe doesn’t stink.

The shoe won’t retain a ton of moisture, and therefore won’t retain all the sweat buildup that happens during a climb. Once you take these off, you won’t have to worry about washing them each time unless you really want to because it just won’t retain that much odor inducing moisture. 

Does the Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe Have Good Fit?

Climb X Rave Shoe Review

Padding Creates Great Fit

Most of the aspects that make this shoe comfortable are ones that also attribute to its overall fit. Firstly, the padding of the shoe gives a ton of comfort, but also creates a much more snug fit. 

Since the padding is pretty much all over the shoe, there isn’t one area that fits better than another, which is why this shoe has a superior fit 

Initially Runs Small

Typically you want the shoe to run a bit small at its normal size because this way you know it’s going to stay secure. This also does make it a little difficult to find the right fit, so you may end up spending more time finding a perfect size. However, if you spend the time necessary to find the fit, the Rave won’t let you down when it comes to fit. 

Conforms to Your Foot

There is a good suede leather upper on the top of this shoe which provides for good conformity. Over time the leather will be able to mold itself to your foot. Usually it takes a while to conform, and also it will stretch past your foot as well. But eventually it tightens back to your feet ‘ actual shape and creates an even better fit than you originally had. 

Two Strap Closure System

Velcro straps don’t provide the most amount of fit when you are looking for a closure system that will best suit you. Velcro straps are usually meant for easy and fast on and off ability so that you won’t spend a ton of time fiddling around with complex laces. 

But they aren’t going to provide the same level of adjustability that you need for a high level fit, which means you won’t be able to make those minor adjustments that higher quality shoes can. 

But if you are just starting out, this shouldn’t really be a huge concern as you are still just learning the ins and outs of climbing. 

Does the Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe Have Good Value?

Great Value

Being that these shoes are meant for beginners, you would expect them to be at a lower price point as these types of climbing shoes are entry level pieces of gear. 

However, since the climbing shoe is so very comfortable, you would also expect that the price would be higher than it is. In fact, the Rave is about half the size of a higher end performance shoe, which makes it have great value for money. 

You will probably be wanting a cheaper shoe anyway to begin your climbing journey as you won’t want to wear out a higher quality shoe just because you don’t know the correct ways to climb in them. 

But even if you scuff these shoes up a lot, they have great durability so you should be able to use them the entire time that you are leveling up your skills to move on to higher quality pairs of climbing shoes. 

Pros and Cons of the Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe


  • Comfortable
  • Great Value
  • Durable


  • Low Performance

How does the Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe Compare?

Rave VS Red

The Climb X Red’s overall performance is much better than the Rave’s. It has a more aggressive shape for better edging, giving you more support on those smaller ledges. 

It’s also going to be better at pockets because of the higher support that comes from its shape. 

They both have similar comfort, and the Rave might even be a little more comfortable than the Red. However the Red is much more expensive than the Rave, so this might be a better shoe for a more intermediate climber. 

Rave VS Technician

The Climb X Technician is a very similar climbing shoe to the Rave. They are both very affordable so they are great for beginners to put money towards. They also both run small so they provide a great fit.

But the Technician is a little bit more bulky than the Rave, making it not as good at crack climbing as the Rave. 

What’s the Verdict on Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe?

Durable, Comfortable

This shoe is definitely more geared towards beginners just starting their climbing adventure. 

The thick rubber gives great durability so you should be able to keep these shoes for a long time. Also the rubber is very comfortable, which adds itself to the long list of comfortable features.

With its padded ankle cuff, mesh material throughout the shoe, and flat design all make the Rave a super comfortable shoe.