Black Diamond Solution Review

One of the best things you can do when searching for a quality climbing harness is zero in on a couple of most important features that you want to see in your harness. 

This guide to the Black Diamond Solution climbing harness will really help you make your best decision possible and figure out if this climbing harness possesses the necessary features that are important to you. 

The solution hones in on one or two prominent features that some climbers view as the most important. Comfort and mobility. It has a couple of other great features as well, but these are its main ones. 

Use this guide to dig further into the specifics of the Black Diamond Solution Review, the climbing harness so that you will know exactly what you are getting into if you decide to make that harness yours. 

Black Diamond Solution Review Climbing Harness Score

Black Diamond Solution Review
  • Belaying Comfort – 8 out of 10
  • Standing Comfort/Mobility – 7 out of 10
  • Features – 5 out of 10
  • Hanging Comfort – 9 out of 10
  • Versatility – 4 out of 10

How Well Does the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness Actually Perform?

It is Extremely Comfortable

The Fusion Comfort Construction is the driving force behind this uber comfortable harness. There are three different kinds of thin webbing sewn into the fabric. They are spread out perfectly across the harness, mainly in the leg loops and this area as that is where the most amount of stress is going to be. 

Eva foam is an extremely breathable mesh that is built into the waist and legs, but even though it’s extremely comfortable, it’s not anywhere near as bulky as similarly comfortable harnesses, if not much more so. 

Belaying is Also Comfortable

Usually the comfort level is a lot different when you are belaying compared to when you are hanging, but the comfort is hardly different at all with the Solution harness. 

When you are hanging, the pressure, with a good harness anyway, is located pretty evenly in the waist and the leg loops. And when belaying, the pressure is usually mostly in the legs, which makes it that much more uncomfortable. 

But with the Solution the comfort level is very close no matter what kind of climbing activity you are doing.

Regular Sized Gear Loops

A not so great but common flaw with the Black Diamond Solution harness is that its gear loops aren’t too large. When you are on a long multi-pitch or free route, you’re going to want a good bit of gear along with you to be able to ensure that you will be able to successfully make your way to each climbing spot. 

This climbing harness doesn’t accommodate those kinds of climbs. If you are wanting more gear you may have to go with another harness. 

Is the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness Comfortable When Hanging?

Very Comfortable When Hanging

The hanging comfort again goes back to how comfortable the harness is. The design of the Fusion Comfort Construction makes it so that even when belaying, the same amount of pressure that is put on the leg loop is put on the wait band especially at the lower back where you can get the most stability from. 

The construction of the harness relies on the strength turned inwards to your body. Also, the entire surface area of the harness is coated in an extremely durable laminate layer that is extremely stretchy which adds to the fit and comfort of your harness. 

Width is a big deal for this harness, and is another reason that it is so comfortable. In most places the width is about three inches which is a whole lot wider than the traditional climbing harness. 

Natural Stretch Leg Loops

Even though the loops don’t have buckles or anything like that to adjust them, their natural stretch works perfectly to fit your size. 

Super wide leg loops also really increase the comfort level when climbing or belaying. The loss of circulation, which usually happens in other climbing harnesses, does not happen with these leg loops. 

The riding up of a climbing harness is one of the biggest issues when climbing or belaying. This harness still does that, but not nearly to the extent of other harnesses. 

Does the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness Let You Be Mobile and While Standing?

Great Comfort When Standing

If you are going to be standing for a longer period of time, or you will be hiking while you have your harness on, the Solution will be a solid option for you.

The fit is really great and doesn’t hinder your movements much at all. Even If your climb requires heavier gear that you will have to hike a ways in, you won’t feel burdened by sagging feelings while you’re walking or standing, and since the design is so comfortable, the harness won’t rub you raw while in motion. 

Great Mobility 

Also, if you are going to be wearing a pack for your climb, You won’t have to worry about the climbing harness conflicting with mobility while wearing a pack. The waist belt of your pack easily sits on top of the waist of the harness since the harness has such a low profile construction. 

There is one thing that may catch you up a little bit. When raising your legs up, you may feel a little bit of tightness from the harness at the very edge of your leg raising range. This is not a big deal by any means, but knowing that feeling that tightness at your max range of motion is good to know. 

Tightness in the leg loops can be similarly felt at your maximum range of motion, due to the fact that, while very stretchy and larger than most leg loops, they are still not adjustable. 

Neither of these smaller issues will really hold you back during your climb and the comfort level of the Black Diamond Level still can’t be beat even with these couple of setbacks. 

Does the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness Have Lots of Features?

Simple But Great Features

Minimum features with maximum effectiveness should be the Solutions motto., Though its features are pretty simplistic and more geared towards climbing in the gym or sport climbing, it still performs extremely well for what it is meant to do. 


A single auto-locking mechanism is a staple for the best climbing harnesses, and the solution is no different. All you have to do to lock yourself in is tug on the strap and you are ready to go. Other harnesses feature a double buckle system where you have to first thread the line through before you are safe to climb. 

Your tie in point on the harness is also reinforced, which is a really great feature as well. The tie one point unfortunately is one of the first places to see the most resistance and wear down the easiest. 

Rigid Gear Loops

It’s gear loops are another point of solid construction. They are very rigid and you can easily attach items to them without the loops bunching up in one direction, as tends to happen with softer gear loops. They are very easy to access from any point while on your climb as well, so that is really great. 

No ice clipper slots are located on the belt, lowering this climbing harnesses versatility as well as its features, and the gear loops mentioned before are actually on the small side. 

You can still fit a good many quickdraw onto them, but other climbing harnesses have oversize loops that are good for multi-pitch climbs. 

Is the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness Comfortable When Belaying?

Still Very Comfortable While Belaying

Even though you may not spend a huge amount of time belaying with your climbing harness, comfort while doing this activity is extremely important. Though overall comfort is definitely the Black Diamond Solutions biggest point of quality, it lags a little behind some other harnesses in comfort while belaying while still having an extremely great feel. 

Wide Leg Loops

Width of the leg loops is one of the biggest reasons that the Solution is so comfortable while belaying. A big problem with most leg loops while belaying is that they are just not wide enough when wrapped around your legs. 

Your femoral artery is going to be taking the most pressure when belaying, and so having the ability to spread out the pressure you will feel to more parts of that area of your leg is important for belaying comfort. 

Is the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness Versatile?

Not Much Versatility

Versatility is not exactly the Black Diamond Solutions strong point. There are a couple of other harnesses that Black Diamond has come out with, such the Technician which is a great to use for ice climbing, and then the Solution Guide which has much bigger gear loops. 

But even with these options, a harness with all three of these features would be much more preferable. 

At any rate, the Solution can still be used really effectively for gym climbing or sport climbing for sure, but it can’t do much else besides that. 

Fixed Leg Loops and Small Gear Loops

Its fixed leg loops, while very very comfortable, are still a draw back as they won’t be nearly as adjustable as other harnesses with actually manipulatable straps. 

The gear loops are relatively small, so carrying a much larger amount of gear won’t be likely, and the haul loops are of similarly small size. 

You definitely can’t use this for ice climbing since it doesn’t have any ice clipper slots available. You will need a different harness for that kind of climb. 

All that being said, you can still use this harness on a variety of climbs, but just know that only when you are climbing around at the gym or even crag sport climbing, will this climbing harness be at its peak performance. When doing other climbs, it will mostly be just doable at best. 

Does the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness Have Good Value?

Really Inexpensive

This harness is actually really affordable. The comfort level is wild, so it is pretty great that it comes at such a handy price. Obviously there are going to be a few cheaper options that tout their harness as being even more comfortable, but the Black Diamond Solution is assuredly on a much higher level of comfort than most other harnesses. 

In its class, whether sport climbing or gym climbing, it definitely features the best affordability for comfort and should be really considered for those climbs that you won’t to go on. 

Pros and Cons of the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness


  • Affordable
  • Hanging and belaying comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Versatility
  • Small gear loops

What’s the Verdict on Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness?

It’s Really Comfortable

The three main features of the Black Diamond Solution are comfort, comfort, and comfort. You won’t find a more rounded out comfort level than the Solution. 

Since comfort is a huge point for any and all harnesses, you are definitely going to want to consider this harness as a mainstay in your harness collection. 

This is where it stands out, it’s also where it peaks. Your climbs are going to be limited to sport and gym climbs, even though technically you can take this harness anywhere. Know that you may be hampered by the smaller gear loops, non-adjustable leg loops, and lack of ice clipper slots in this harness. 

It may be a little over leveraged on the front, but because of this, it’s the best possible climbing harness for comfort. 

Great Weight Distribution 

The design is really the factor that makes the harness unbelievably comfortable. Not only does it distribute weight extremely well, but it also doesn’t ride up like some other harnesses do. 

It doesn’t even have the most comprehensive set of padded waist band or leg loops or the thickest padding. It’s really all about the design and structure of the Fusion Core Construction. 

The only problem with the Solution is that it is so geared towards the comfort level that it leaves out some other key features that other harnesses usually have. This particular harness is much better if you are going to be doing most of your climbing inside of a gym, or if you are going to be sport climbing. 

You will probably want a better climbing harness for things like carrying a larger than normal rack and extra gear, or a better climbing harness for longer traditional climbs that require more gear. 

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