Top 9 Best Climbing Chalk Reviewed

Climbing is a hectic sport. It is very intense and takes a lot of energy. With the amount of energy to spend, you are bound to sweat a lot. And if you’re sweating, there are high chances of slipping. If you have been doing rock climbing for a while then you know that sweaty hands can cause a ton of severe accidents. So, climbing chalk becomes an essential part of the equipment that you carry for climbing

Top 9 Best Climbing Chalk Reviewed Individually

321 STRONG Refillable Chalk Ball

Best Climbing Chalk

321 Strong marks its place at the absolute top when it comes to climbing chalk. This chalk does not contain any toxic material and thus makes it completely safe to use this chalk at the gym without having to worry about any health issues. It is also free of any pigmen, which makes it a chalk that doesn’t stain your favourite gym outfit or mat.

Other chalks that are loose get messy, but this chalk is available inside a cotton bag. Because of this you do not have to worry about making a mess. This chalk is perfect for rock climbing, climbing indoors, gym workouts, yoga and what have you. The powder is very fine in nature and your grip gets improved because of it.

Thus, minimizing the risk of you falling. If you don’t like scented chalks and find the smell overpowering, then this chalk is great for you as it is completely odorless. The friction of your hand increases because of this chalk, making it easier for you to make your climb comfortably.


  • The chalk is not messy at it comes in a bag
  • The chalk helps in increasing your grip
  • It keeps your hands very dry
  • It is compact and can fit in your waist bag


  • There is no bag to put it inside.

FrictionLabs Loose Gym Chalk

This chalk is really useful as it will help you to keep your hands from drying too much or even cracking while you are doing workouts. It also keeps your hands from sweating too much when you are in the gym and you can work out with more ease. This chalk also helps in increasing the grip and that reduces the chances of you slipping when you are rock climbing.

Again, this chalk too is made up from non-toxic kinds of materials thus making it safe for adults as well as children. The material used to make the chalk is safe and gentle and doesn’t create any weird skin issues. It is a great chalk for any and every outdoor activity like gymnastics, rock climbing or weightlifting.

This chalk also helps in improving the friction of your hands so that you can work out without any hint of discomfort. FrictionLabs offers three different types of blends that you have an option of choosing from depending on the texture you prefer. There is bam bam which is a chunky powder, there is gorilla grip which is medium powder and finally unicorn dust which is a fine powder.


  • This chalk comes with a resealable bag and you can empty this chalk inside your sock bucket or gymnastics bucket. 
  • It is made from non-toxic materials.
  • It keeps your hands dry and protects them


  • It is comparatively clumpy

 Black Diamond White Gold Loose Chalk

This is a chalk shot inside a mesh which makes the application easier and you won’t have to worry at all about making a mess. The chalk also is good as it improves your grip and you won’t have to worry about slipping because of loose grip. This chalk helps in adding friction to your hands and you will be able to work out properly. They keep your hands dry and prevent them from sweating excessively. Chalk shots are created using magnesium carbonate and helps in keeping the mess off the floor. 

It is non-sticky and thus it does not leave any residue on your outfits or yoga mat. And even if it does, you can easily clean it. This chalk also comes in a plastic bag to avoid any kind of mess. This chalk can be used by you as well as your children. 


  • It is an easy application.
  • It keeps your hands dry and prevents it from sweating.
  • It is compact and can fit anywhere.


  • Has no storage bag

Gibson Athletic Premium Block Gym Chalk

Gibson athletic premium block gym chalk is available in a pack with eight blocks of chalk. Once you buy a box, it is going to last for a long time. It is great for workouts or if you run a gym and require a ton of chalk at the same time. This chalk has no toxins and is tested in the lab. 

This makes it safe to use. The chalk also helps in reducing the moisture of your hands and keeps your hands dry to ensure a safe climb. It is very handy when it comes to team sports as there are eight packs in a box and are wrapped separately.


  • Comes in a bulk and is great for team sports.
  • It has no toxins and is clinically tested.
  • Can be used for outdoor as well as indoor sports or games.


  • It can be a little sticky. 

SPRI Chalk Block for Gymnastics, Rock Climbing

The chalk can be used very easily as it can be broken into smaller pieces and you can store them in a container. This is a chalk block that gives an intense grip and you can work out very smoothly. It can also be used when you are doing yoga and you want better grip as it helps in keeping your hands dry, which in turn keeps your mat dry.

A lot of rock climbers, footballers and weightlifters prefer using this chalk block. The chalk dust also saves you from getting blisters when you are making your climb on the sharp rocks. 


  • It is very easy to use.
  • Increases the grip and friction
  • It helps in keeping your hands dry by absorbing the sweat. 


  • It doesn’t come with any storage bag.

Elite Sportz Equipment Rock Climbing Chalk

This climbing chalk comes with a storage bag which adds an advantage as the possibility of creating mess gets reduced. Because of this, your chalk won’t fly off everywhere and your gym bag will be clean and you won’t have to spend extra time cleaning your beloved bag. 

These chalk balls are safe to use if they are completely toxin free. It is made from magnesium carbonate that is safe and gentle on your skin. The chalk bags also fit all kinds of hand sizes and will fit small and big hands. Size here, doesn’t matter.

The chalk bags are also created using durable materials and you can keep them for a long time without worrying about mess. The chalk bag is also very comfortable to wear when you are rock climbing.


  • There is a storage bag along with the chalk
  • It is very easy to use
  • The pack comes with two chalk balls
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The balls cannot be refilled.

Primo Chalk for climbing and gym

This chalk is a match made for all the germaphobes out there who don’t like to share their gym equipment and are always trying to disinfect their hands if they use shared gym equipment. 

This is because Primo Chalk has natural antibacterial qualities that disinfects your hands and you can easily use shared equipment in the gym if you have to. The chalk also comes with essential oils in it that saves your hands from cracking. This chalk is extremely long lasting and it stays for twice as long than other chalks. You only have to use a little amount to get the same result like other chalks. 


  • It is very long lasting compared to other chalks.
  • Gives better grip
  • Has naturally a=induced antibacterial qualities.
  • Keeps your hands dry and safe from cracking.


  • It is on the higher side of the price range.

Metolius Super Chalk Sock

This is a super chalk that is placed on the top spots for climbing chalks and they are specifically created for rock climbing. But they can also be used for other outdoor sports activities. The material used for the chalk is very safe and keeps your hands dry by absorbing the sweat when you are working out or climbing. This makes sure that you won’t slip while climbing.

The chalk comes with a sock and this makes sure that you make no mess anywhere.


  • It is made from 100% magnesium carbonate
  • It is easy to use
  • Maximises friction
  • Comes with a sock bag
  • Strengthens your grip


  • The sock may or may not come with a refillable sock.

Matawi Yunek Refillable Chalk Ball

This is a chalk ball that is great for improving your grip and your performance in climbing or any other sport. There is a 75 gms refillable sock that comes with the chalk. This way you get more chalk for the exact same price. The chalk also adds good friction between the surface and your hands.


  • Avoids any blisters or cracks on your hands
  • Increases your grip
  • A refillable sock is shipped with the chalk


  • It doesn’t work extremely well when you have sweaty hands.


Every climber is going to use climbing chalk one or the other day. And rightly so as the chalk is made specially to help you keep your hands safe and improve your grip. Grip is very essential when it comes to rock climbing as it prevents you from falling. 

Buying chalk is really a personal choice. With this list we have tried to simplify things for you. So, try them one after the other and select the chalk whose texture you like the most and which keeps your hands safe and dry.