Should You Go on A Rock Climbing Date on Your First Date?

Why Rock Climbing is a great idea for a first date?

A first date is meant to be an ice breaker. Before you take someone out on a Rock Climbing date, make sure of the following: 

  • Know beforehand if they are afraid of heights and if they are willing to work on it yet.
  • Maybe they are a person who isn’t into sports.
  • Know if they have sustained any hand or knee injury that could interfere with climbing.
  • Climbing requires physical fitness. If your date is very overweight or physically unfit in any way, rock climbing as a date might not be the best idea.

If these hurdles are non-existent, we’d suggest you go rock climbing with your date.

We have brought you Ten reasons why rock climbing is a great first date idea

Climbing will help you learn about your date’s nature

Climbing is a great way to know whether your date is interesting as a person. Watching their approach to the challenging aspects of climbing could give you an idea about how they face the challenging aspects of their life. 

If they easily get arrogant over trivial things going wrong, chances are that they will get angry upon trivial stuff in their day to day life.

You should notice how they talk to you when you make a little mistake. Is it too loud or degrading? Or do they politely attempt to make you understand the correct manner? 

If they are exuberant and joyful while attempting new holds, it could mean they have a positive outlook towards life and will undergo all challenges in the best possible way.  

If your date boasts about their climbing skills, maybe they will boast about every general thing they are capable of doing. You’ll need to analyze whether you want to put up with such a person. Their confidence while attempting new climbs will on the other hand show you their strong and well-esteemed nature. 

Climbing helps you know if your date is a genuine supporter

This could be a great scenario to notice how your date behaves when you feel troubled or when you are on to accomplish a feat. When you are stuck in a portion or afraid to attempt, an ideal partner should support and encourage you.

If your date is scared of attempting a climb, you should step forward and encourage them. They should motivate you if you feel afraid of stepping further. 

A disinterested date would pretend to applaud while a genuinely caring person will try to figure out the technique with you.

Our significant others have to be our constant support systems. If you have to choose someone you might spend your life with, you’ll like a person who tries to make the best out of you and reminds you of your capabilities. 

This is a great opportunity to see whether your date pays attention to your progress or is only concerned with their own task. You both should be doing the activity together. They shouldn’t just want you to be a silent admirer for their moves.

It will be an inexpensive date

A typical dinner date or a movie night will cost you much more than a date at the rock climbing gym. You don’t have to worry if your date turns out to be an alcoholic and orders too many cocktails.

You don’t even have to worry about a large looming bill in case you have to pay alone for your date or as is often the case, their choice of place isn’t at all economical. You also don’t have to regret a lot of money going wasted if the date doesn’t turn out well.

This can also be an investment to first-hand check if your date can develop this similar hobby as you that would do wonders for the relationship.

This will be a short date (if you want it to be)

If the date doesn’t seem to be turning out well, you’ll have an advantage of the short duration for which you can do rock climbing. Climbing in the gym can be done for at most an hour. So there’s an easy escape if they seem to be ‘not the one’ or ‘threatening’ or ‘intimidating’ or just ‘not okay’. You don’t even have to put up an excuse.

A bouldering session at the gym is the perfect way to figure out the other person because there is less equipment involved and there is more time to talk in the gaps. If this person is good for you, you’ll not even notice the time passing. Maybe, you can plan ahead for the rest of the night! 

Perfect for intermissions

A first date is a test for your conversation skills. You are not yet comfortable with the person and you have to get to know them for which you need to talk about something relevant and interesting. I have seen awkward moments on first dates when the conversation just dies and the two people sit waiting for one of them to start. 

This scenario will not occur in a climbing gym. You can take an intermission when there’s nothing to talk about by beginning a new climb. You can think of a new topic to discuss as you make your moves and ascend the new portion. Even better, you could discuss the methods to treat a tough route together. You could fall out of a climb (lightly) and then discuss ways to overcome the hard hurdle. This would build amazing collaboration between you two. 

Your date will not be able to hide their swearing

In case you are a person that hates people who swear a lot and use cuss words on every possible occasion, your date will not be able to hide this habit on a climbing date. Oftentimes, people who swear a lot are able to conceal this habit on traditional dates because there aren’t any challenges that urge them to cuss.

But in a climbing gym, unless they are pro, they will not be able to hold it back and you’ll know sooner. (This will save you a fight later in the relationship when you’ll blame them for swearing a lot.)

You’ll know your date without alcohol filters

A traditional dinner date involves alcohol, firstly, to get more relaxed, second, to get more willing. Almost everyone will behave fun under the influence of alcohol. (And maybe they won’t remember it tomorrow.)

Don’t you think it would be amazing to know what a person is really like? Because they wouldn’t always be drunk (probably) when you’ll have to live with them. You’ll be having fun together without an outside mixture in your blood and your body’s natural endorphins released during exercise might make you both all the more attracted to each other, much more than alcohol would.

If you are a person who doesn’t drink, this is an ideal fun date for you!

If you are a person who drinks, this date will be different from all your other dates! 

If you are adventurous and want to try something new

While dinner dates, coffee dates, drinks, movies, walks, and drives are perfect for getting to know each other for the first time. They are cliche’. Your date will probably have been on such dates before. The case would be similar for you. A similar experience again could spark memories of their ex or your ex and you don’t want to judge a new person in an old setting. 

There’s nothing as exciting as rock climbing for a first date. You could both be having fun and exploring something new at the same time.

You’ll play a part in helping them overcome their fear

If your date admits to being afraid of heights but they still want to learn to overcome their fear, this could be an excellent opportunity to step up. You could play an important part in their self-improvement by encouraging them to attempt something they haven’t been able to do. 

This could be a great start for a new relationship. They’ll experience your supportive nature and motivating personality and if they are the person of your dreams, this is the chance! 

Teaching them and working out their problem will bring you both closer to friends. Good partners are great friends first. 

Climbing will make you look attractive

No matter what somebody tells you. Physical attractiveness does play an important part in relationships, though, only initially. When a person is physically attracted to another person, they then develop a curiosity to know them better. Moreover, it has been proven scientifically that adrenaline rush and moments of anxiety enhance sexual attraction. 

The person you want to date might just swoon over your perfect moves and would be delighted if you teach them how to practice it. You look appealing and your skin glows when you are focussed on perfectly executing a physical task. How if your crush cannot take their eyes off you when you are deeply involved and you notice, that would be a moment! 

While Rock Climbing can be an amazingly fun activity to begin a relationship with your possible ‘the one’, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you don’t behave irrationally out of excitement.

Things to remember while going to a rock climbing date

Rock climbing date
  • Learn to be considerate: It is important to consider if your date is okay with stepping out of their comfort zone for a climbing adventure. Make sure they are not afraid of heights or maybe they are not that much into sports. Accept that any person will look sluggish on the climbing wall when they are attempting it for the first time. Be encouraging but don’t be pushy.

    Every task is learned step by step. Let them explore climbing to the level they want to. There shouldn’t be any pressure to perform better or compete. That would take all the fun out of your date and a first date will be as successful as it is happy.
  • Dress up right: You cannot wear your usual date clothes on a rock climbing date. This activity will require freedom of movement and you’ll also want to show off your curves or muscles. It is recommended to wear tight clothing that is stretchable at the same time. Guys are advised to wear boxer briefs along if they choose to wear boxers so that they don’t get uncomfortable with the climbing harness. Girls’ clothing could be stretchable tights, yoga pants, or shorts, anything that is comfortable and appealing.
  • Don’t make it a competition, unless you want to let your date win to encourage them. One of you might be more skilled than the other, that doesn’t mean the skilled person keeps showing their moves as the other person watches. You can try to teach them and attempt to build a chemistry in the process. You came here to have fun on your first date, remember that. Don’t get frustrated over competing and don’t start pushing them to defeat you with all their might. That is not going to end well.
  • In case you both are climbing together and your partner is performing better than you, you ought to be happy and glad about it. Well if you are not, you are the toxic one!
  • Don’t get angry: It is rude to start explaining the technique to somebody who didn’t ask for your help, even when you are out on a date. If you must teach, do so in a casual manner, ‘let’s do this together, follow me’. Your date should feel like your partner, they shouldn’t feel like you are their gym instructor.
  • Belay for your less experienced partner as they climb: This is our advice to make this date a romantic one. You should politely guide them as they make their moves and in no way make them feel less for not being able to ascend a portion you thought they would. Be a perfect support. Catch them in the event of a fall, make it a Shahrukh Khan movie scene if you can! 

We hope your next date is as wonderful as you can imagine!