La Sportiva Finale

You might have just started rock climbing and now are looking for the best option in a climbing shoe to start out with. In the beginning of your journey, some of the best climbing shoes are geared to aspects that allow you to try out a variety of climbs but also don’t break the bank. 

While one particular shoe can’t give you everything you really need, trying out a specific climbing shoe and then getting in depth information about the shoe can definitely give you more precise experience on what things your shoe is great at doing, and some of the ways where your shoe is lacking in different performance areas. 

The Finale is a really good beginner shoe and will definitely get you started well on your climbing adventure. And even if you are a more experienced climber, these are still really great climbing shoes that won’t break your bank but will still let you go on a couple of different kinds of climbs. Continue reading to get a clear understanding of the La Sportiva Finale.

In Depth Guide of the La Sportiva Finale Shoe

La Sportiva Finale

La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe Score

  • Ease of Use – 6 out of 10
  • Pockets – 5 out of 10
  • Cracks – 8 out of 10
  • Edging – 6 out of 10
  • Sensitivity – 6 out of 10
  • Comfort – 8 out of 10

How Well Does the La Sportiva Finale  Climbing Shoe Actually Perform?

Breathable Shoe

Mostly for beginning climbers, the Finale is still a pretty awesome shoe. 

Their material is decent because the upper is actually a mix of authentic leather and microfiber which adds to the breathability of the shoe. If it was all leather it would be a little tougher for the shoe to get air into and would cause the shoe to smell a little bit more than without the microfiber leather combination. 

A Good Edging Shoe

These aren’t really a stiff shoe. That being said, they actually perform pretty well when you are attempting to get a hold on really slim edges during your climb. 

The level of tension of the rand in the heel is really good. It also has a high support Powerhinge that works really well along with the great tension coming from the heel of the shoe. These two things together give the entire shoe a tension that then gives you great support when you are trying to get purchase on really small ledges so that you don’t have to use your feet muscles exclusively. This will help you not get too tired too quickly and will ensure your stability and safety during your rock climb. 

Works for Crack Climbing

The sole of the Finale is solid flat, so when you are wedging your foot into a crack, it’s wide enough and supportive enough to keep you stable inside of the crack. 

Also, there is a good bit of padding that drops down to the sides of the shoe where most of the contact will be made between rock and shoe when it’s wedged into a crack. This comes from the leather and microfiber upper that covers a generous amount of area on the shoe. 

The shape of the shoe also provides for crack climbing as well. Where most shoes don’t have the shape to be able to give you the kind of support you need, the Finale’s design is shaped so that it won’t fold in on itself. 

Not Great With Pockets

At the end of the Finale’s toe, it doesn’t actually have a more pointed, claw-like protuberance like climbing shoes that are good at pockets. Usually you would want a tapered point on your climbing shoe so that it could fit really well into smaller holes in the side of the rock face you are climbing.

But the Finale does not have that kind of edge to the toe of the shoe so it doesn’t fit well into pockets. It also is not as long in the front part of the shoe so even if it was tapered it would be tough to get very deep into the pockets.

Is the La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe Comfortable?

Super Comfort

Comfort level on the Finale is one of the shining features of this climbing shoe. The only possible problem with this shoe is that if you have a little bit wider of a foot, the comfort level may be a little lower than you would like. 

The biggest perk when talking about comfort for this shoe is that, while other climbing shoes say that you can wear this all day, this shoe actually makes good on its promise. 

Most shoes that claim that you can climb all day really mean that you can do multiple climbs, but you’re going to have to rest in between those climbs. With the Finale climbing shoe, you won’t have to do this. You’ll be able to keep your shoe on through multiple pitches without having to take a break because of just how comfortable the shoe really is. 

High Adjustability 

Since these are lace up climbing shoes, you are going to be able to pinpoint the loose spaces in your shoe and then tighten the laces accordingly. 

If the loose spots you feel are closer to the front, you can cinch up those front facing laces but leave the other laces as they are. The same can be done for each part of the shoe the laces tighten to get the ultimate comfort. 

They Conform to Your Foot 

They also conform really well to your feet so that even if they are uncomfortable in the beginning, after a short time your shoes will be broken in and fit really well while also being super comfortable. 

The Heel May Pinch

As far as the flaws in comfort, really the only one is the heel. Depending on the shape of your foot, the heel of the climbing shoe may pinch you a little, as there is a small V-shape that sometimes makes it a little uncomfortable for you. But depending on your foot shape, you may never experience this. 

Unlined Leather

This may not seem like a huge deal, but not having any lining brushing up against your foot or uncomfortably chafing it is a huge plus. 

Most climbing shoes have linings where the leather or synthetic leather meet the rubber. Not so with the finale. This just adds that much more to how comfortable the Finale climbing shoe is. 

Does the La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe Have Good Fit?

High Adjustability for Great Fit

With its laces and its conformability to your fit, the fit ends up being really great. 

Since it has laces, even if it’s tough to find the right fit in a climbing shoe, which it normally is, you can still use the laces to create the best fit for your foot. 

Unlike some other climbing shoes, these shoes actually run a little big. So instead of going down a half a size or a size down, you may want to try to actually go a size or a half a size up. 


It also ends up conforming to your foot. So it will stretch and bend to fit the shape of your foot. This is because of the leather upper that has a lot of surface area on the shoe which will, over a period of time, allow the shoe to stretch and mold itself to your foot and so give you a much better fit than you originally had. 

Does the La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe Have Good Value?

Since it is an introductory shoe, but it still has great comfort and even better adjustability, the Finale has a lot of value.

It’s cheaper than a lot of other climbing shoes, so this adds a lot to its value for money.

Also, the rubber on these shoes are excellent. It is made from XS Edge Rubber which is some of the stickiest rubber for climbing shoes available. This rubber usually appears on the more advanced climbing shoes, so the fact that the Finale includes them really increases their value for money. 

The Finale is also about $60 to $100 cheaper than most climbing shoes which makes them a great buy for beginners who don’t want to put too much money into their new hobby, but still really want a quality rock climbing shoe. 

Pros and Cons of the La Sportiva Finale Shoe


  • Comfortable
  • Great hold 
  • Pretty Affordable


  • Durability 

How does the La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe Compare?

1. Finale VS Solution Comp

The Solution is really great at pockets. It is perfect for getting a really great hold on pockets that you come across on your climb. You can fit the tapered end of the shoe into the pocket really well and since it’s relatively long, you can fit it farther into the pocket much better than the Finale.

Without this longer toe and more tapered design, the Finale doesn’t do nearly as well with pockets as the solution. However you can still work to get your skill up by practicing with the Finale. 

However, the Finale works actually better than the Solution when you are crack climbing. The Finale is just a little bit wider and has better support for when you are jamming your foot into a crack. 

2. Finale Vs Futura

The Futura has really great sensitivity. You will be able to feel the rock face much better than the Finale.

The Finale isn’t nearly as sensitive as the Futura so it will be tough to feel the rock faces as easily.

However, since the Finale isn’t very sensitive, it will give you a lot more support than the Futura because increased sensitivity, while it gives you ability to feel the rock much better, doesn’t give much support from the actual shoe and will prevent you from climbing for longer periods of time. 

3. Finale VS Skwama

The Skwama is also great at pockets. The tapered design and build is much better than the Finale at getting a good hold on pockets while you are climbing. 

However the Finale and the Skwama are both really comparable in how comfortable they are and also how well they do in crack climbing. They are also really comparable in their edging ability because of their similar rubber coverage on the surface area of the shoe.

4. Finale VS Miura 

The Miura is much better at edging than the Finale. It has better  support and therefore more ability to get better purchase on tough ledges. 

However, they both have the exact same level of comfort so with either of the shoes you will most likely be able to climb for a long period of time and still be comfortable in your climbing shoes. 

What’s the Verdict on the La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe?

Great Comfort

All day climbing comfort is the Finale’s claim to fame while also being really easy to use as well. Since this is the main area where the Final excels, the other features are a little lacking. But if you are looking for a shoe for comfort above all else, this will definitely be the shoe for you. 

Sticky Rubber

However, the rubber which the sole is made out of is actually a really sticky rubber which will help you get a really good hold on the rock face and give you more stability during your climb. 


It’s also really affordable while still having great quality to it. It is tough to find a shoe that has solid features along with above average comfort but won’t be too far outside of your price range.

Good for Beginners and Intermediates

While it is great for beginners, more experienced climbers will still find this shoe really great. You’ll be able to have an inexpensive shoe but still go on a variety of climbs. You won’t get the same performance obviously unless you go up a lot more in your budget, but this will allow you to do a few different kinds of climbs without having to change shoes or spend more money. 

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