Top 7 Best Kids Climbing Harness Reviewed

You never know when your kids are going to want to follow your footsteps and start climbing. They’re probably just going to end up climbing at the gym. But worry not! We have taken care of their safety and have come up with a list of some of the best kids climbing harness in the market. 

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Best Kids Climbing Harness

Black Diamond is a very reputed brand name when it comes to harnesses for adults. But research has shown it is adored by kids as well. It is very simple to take this climbing harness on and off and adjust it if your child’s weight is shifting. The tie in point on this harness thus keeping the children uptight and saving you from all the panic.

The design is very similar to what the adults use but extra care is given to the comfort level and support.  

Another huge plus is that the harness is very versatile and comes with several adjustments so that the harness can grow along with the children. To put it in simpler words, you won’t have to buy a new harness every time your child grows an inch in height or their weight increases. Keep that worrying for new sneakers or something, but when it comes to Momentum, you will not have to worry about that at all. 


  • It is extremely adjustable
  • Momentum is very user-friendly.
  • It is very comfortable for the children. 
  • It is light in weight. 


  • It only has a limited number of uses.

Petzl Macchu

If your child is already an advanced climber, then Petzl Macchu is the perfect choice for your kid to do top-roping as well as lead climbing. It is contingent on the fact that your child should weigh less than 881 lbs. But this harness comes with a warning from Petzl. If your kid does not have a lot of mass near the hip then it is advised to purchase the body harness that is sold separately in order to prevent any inverting.

It is also a good choice when it comes to versatility. It has a different colour of belay loop as well, which makes it easier to teach the children to check the proper attachment.

Endo Frame technology is a technology used by Petzl that helps to distribute the weight of the harness evenly. The waist belt is padded and can be adjusted between 21 to 25 inches. The leg loops are also padded and the adjustment level ranges from 13 to 17 inches. There is an absence of compression pads, thus making the climbing experience more comfortable for the kids. The harness weighs around 11 ounces which can be a little heavy but is very sturdy and the extra weight will not make a difference while climbing the wall. 


  • It has dual waist belt buckles. 
  • The gear loops are huge.
  • The quality of the harness is high.


  • It is bulkier than the other competitors. 

Edelrid Finn III Harness

Edelrid has successfully managed to join 3D padding along with some soft webbing edges which removes all pressure from the harness from all points of contacts. There is a movable padding which can be adjusted easily in any proper position. 

Padded waist can be adjusted to fit from 19.7 inches to 27.6 inches. The leg loops can also be adjusted from 13.9 inches to 17.7 inches. The leg loops are padded as well. There are harnesses bigger than this which can be found in the market, but if your child outgrows this harness, it is time for you to get them an adult harness. 

There are two gear loops that provide high strength and a sturdy support. There is a tie-in point feature as well that acts as an abrasion protector. It is a relatively lightweight harness as it weighs only about 9.8 ounces.


  • It has two gear loops.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is very durable.
  • Easy to adjust.


  • Although there are two gear loops, the gear loops are small in size. 

Mammut Ophir Kids Harness

This harness is for slightly older children or if you have a bunch of tiny climbing running around, then Mammut Ophir harness is the perfect match for you. It has a four-way Slide Bloc buckle that makes it very simple to adjust easily. The webbing ends of this harness are made of synthetic reinforcements to prevent the unthreading of the buckle. Unthreading can be a huge worry for parents but with this harness, you won’t have to worry.

Mammut has also used an abrasion protection patent near the tie-in as well. There are other features like two gear loops, buckles of drop-seat and easy adjustment that makes a smart choice for children. If you have children who weigh in the range from 35 lbs to 110 lbs then you will find this harness to be yours and your child’s best friend. The legs are also adjustable from the range of 19.6 to 26.7 inches.


  • It has large gear loops.
  • There is a dual adjusting waist belt.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Very comfortable for kids.


  • It is heavier compared to the other harnesses.

Trango Junior

The Trango Junior is an all rounder harness for children that weigh between the range of twenty-five to eighty pounds. Although the design of the harness is a little old school, the construction is proper enough for the kids that are just beginning to learn how to climb. It can be adjusted completely and has webbing and buckles made of flat nylon. The harness also has nice leg loops that are padded which will keep the tiny kids comfortable throughout their climb. 


  • It is lightweight.
  • The padding is comfortable and breathable for children.
  • It is cheaper than a lot of harnesses. 
  • Trango Junior is comfortable.
  • It has padded leg loops.


  • The design is outdated.

Petzl Simba Full-Body Harness Kids

This is Petzl’s full body design made for kids to make their climbing experience more safe. Petzl guarantees durability and this harness doesn’t prove otherwise. This harness is made for children of the age group five to ten years and has a weight capacity of 88lbs just like that of Black Diamond’s full body harness.

The leg loops can be adjusted up to 20 inches although it is not padded. The adjusting process of legs and shoulders is extremely easy and can be done safely within a few minutes. The design is made for young amateur climbers specially. And the harness is full body, keeping the children safe and their parents tension free. 


  • It is very easy to adjust.
  • Perfect for young climbers
  • Full body harness means full safety.


  • It is fairly expensive.
  • It isn’t extremely comfortable.

Camp Bambino

Camp Bambino is considered one of the most adjustable harnesses and also one of the most secure. For a parent, nothing is more important than their child’s safety and the waist belt of this harness provides just that. It has a full waist belt which not a lot of full body harnesses have. This harness also comes with a tie in point near the chest to keep the position of the kid upright. This harness is perfect for a young climber and it will last for a really long time. 


  • It is completely adjustable.
  • The fit is very secure.
  • There is a full waist belt.


  • It is not exactly the best harness to use for long hanging sessions.

Things to consider before buying the best kids climbing harness


This should be one of the first most important things to consider when you are buying a child’s harness. You will have to closely look at the sizes published for children’s harnesses that you are thinking of getting and make sure they will suit your child well.

Leg diameter will be published as sizes because the loops are universally used for harnesses used for climbing. If you are just looking to buy a basic sit harness, then the next factor to consider will be the waist size. And if you want to buy a full body harness, then check the chest size and make sure that the harness is perfectly secure and comfortable.


Another important aspect while buying your kid’s harness is the fit of the harness. You want to find the perfect fit for your kid. The harness should be just tight enough not to suffocate your child. The harness should also ensure the security of your kid but you should also make sure the harness isn’t slowing down your child’s movements. If you check out the guide from Rock and Ice, you have a little more understanding.  


It is a well-known fact that children grow consistently. And that can be a real pain when you have to buy their gears again and again. So, a feature that you shouldn’t miss is adjustability. Find a harness that has a good amount of adjustability so that it can be resized according to your child’s growth. 


If you want to find the perfect climbing harness for your child, then you should shift your focus to size. If you have a child with a small frame, then you should pick a full body harness. If you like a harness like Petzl macchu, then there is always an option to add a body harness for extra protection and safety of your kids.

In my opinion, using a full body harness is probably the best for your kids. But if your children don’t have a lot of mass in the hips area then you shouldn’t opt for a full body harness.

If your child is just starting, then you should try to find gyms that offer equipment for rent. This way your kid can test out which harness he is the most comfortable in. This way you won’t shell out money only to find out your child dislikes that harness.

We have curated the absolute best for you. Go ahead and take your pick and let your children have the time of their lives.