Top 8 Best Grip Strengthener Reviewed

If you are into climbing, then you know how important it is to make your forearms stronger. It is because while climbing you are constantly using your forearms with some exceptions of course.

Most of the exercises work your forearms but in a secondary way. If you want to build your forearm strength and you want to use exercises especially for that, then you should get forearm strengtheners. We have curated a list for you consisting of the best grip strengtheners in the market. 

Captains of Crush Hand Gripper 

Best Grip Strengthener

If you are an experienced climber then some of the hand strengtheners we have listed won’t be fit for strengthening your grip. If that is the scene, then you should get the Captains of Crush Hand Gripper which is undoubtedly one of the best out there in the market. But it is also on the top of the price range and is very expensive. 

But you can expect that level of quality from this product as it is built from high-quality materials. This grip strengthener comes with 11 kinds of resistant levels that you can opt for. But the bad news is that you will have to buy them separately. It offers a maximum resistance model of about 365 pounds and only experience, pro climbers can use this. 

It is not a great option for beginners as their forearm strength might not be that good. An amateur climber should opt for a resistance model of 60 pounds to begin with. This strengthener is made using aluminium and steel alloy.


  • This is probably the  best grip strengthener in the market
  • It helps get more forearm strength quickly
  • It is a high quality device made from alloy steel and aluminium


  • It is very expensive
  • Not great for beginners

Fitness Master Hand Grip Strengthener

This is also one of the top picks of climbers for grip strengthening and building stronger forearms. But the only issue with this product is that it is very expensive and it can be a little difficult for a lot of climbers who have just begun climbing to get this product. But you can always buy it if there is a deal offered by the company. 

But it also offers a wide range of resistance compared to Captain of Crush. It offers resistance in the range of 20-90 pounds. So it is perfect if you want to do fitness training for climbing or any other sport like tennis or golf. It has a variable range of resistance models so it makes the grip strengthener very versatile. It can be used by kids as well. It is made from durable materials making it very long lasting. 


  • It is constructed in a way that it is very adjustable.
  • It can also be used for rehabilitation along with being an exercise equipment
  • It is light in weight and portable as well. 


  • It is expensive

Outdoor Sport Hand Grip Strengthener

This product is definitely a value for money product. It offers great quality even though it is cheap in price. The effectiveness of the grip strengthener is not affected by the price. It costs only a crisp $10 making it the cheapest model in this list. 

This grip strengthener is also used by a lot of musicians along with athletes and weightlifters as well. This grip strengthener offers a wide range of resistance levels which can be adjusted according to your convenience. 

It offers a resistance level in the range of 22 pounds to 80 pounds. It is also made from high quality materials and is highly durable so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality for a cheaper price. 


  • It helps in increasing the strength of fingers, wrist, hand, forearms quickly and easily. 
  • It is used for a variety of purposes by variety of people
  • It is highly adjustable and has four different settings of resistance levels
  • It is durable and last for a long time
  • It is designed to fit all sizes of hands


  • Not as durable as the other models in this list.

Sportgrips SideWinder Pro 

This is one model that looks completely different than the other models we have mentioned in this list. The other models use the technique of squeezing whereas the SideWinder Pro uses the technique of pulling. 

But it will effectively strengthen your forearm. It has a compact design but it is not that small as you would want it to be and it won’t fit inside your pocket like a lot of other models. But the good news is that you can adjust the tension according to the level you prefer. So, it is perfect for the pros as well as the beginners. 

It is also made from supremely good quality materials. Strong materials like neoprene and aluminium are used in the manufacturing of the handles as well. The only negative point we could find is that this is a very expensive model as it is priced at over $100. But if you can afford it then it is definitely worth every penny.


  • It will strengthen your forearms in only a matter of a few weeks.
  • Anyone from a beginner to a pro can use this grip strengthener because of the adjustable resistance it offers.
  • It is made using long lasting materials like steel and comes with rubber handles.


  • It is highly expensive

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

This grip strengthener by Gripmaster is a unique device from most of the models we have mentioned in this list. This device will strengthen your forearms and will also work your fingers too. Because of this quality, a wide variety of people like sports people, musicians can use it to strengthen their fingers. 

This model from gripmaster comes in five different funky colours. Most of the grip strengtheners don’t provide this option of choosing colours. This product is also great because it is cheap and will only cost you about $10. That is a great deal for the quality it offers. It has about 9 pounds of resistance levels for your fingers. The device is constructed using a steel spring that makes it very durable and long lasting. 

The machine comes with a manual with exercises mentioned to help you work your forearms and fingers faster. 


  • It is very cheap
  • It is a very trusted brand. 
  • It is a versatile product


  • Not that great for advanced climbers

Best Value: Luxon Hand Grip Strengthener

The Luxon strengthener is definitely expensive but don’t forget that there are two strengtheners in a pack. So you can buy it with a friend and it won’t seem that expensive anymore. Luxon is a beautiful device that is accessible, versatile and very effective. It is great for beginners but won’t be that handy for the advanced climbers out there. 

The gripper is best known for its high adjustability. There are two handles which are joined using a hinge. The tension between the handles can be increased by lengthening the spring. 

 It is great for beginners as the tension starts at 22 pounds and goes up to 120 pounds for pro climbers to train. It isn’t that much for a lot of advanced climbers. The only issue with this model is the comfort level. It is made from plastic hence it isn’t the most comfortable to use for workouts. Climbers with small hands find it apt. 


  • It is highly durable
  • It is adjustable
  • Can be used by beginners as well as pros. 


  • It isn’t comfortable as it is made from plastic

Norse Strengths Hand Gripper Strengthener 

The device isn’t unique as it has very similar qualities offered by most of the models in the list. But it is undoubtedly a great product. This device can be used to strengthen your forearms as well as your fingers and wrists. 

The design of this device is ergonomic as it is portable and compact which allows you to carry it around in your pocket. This model is also known for its adjustability as it offers a resistance level in the range of 22 pounds to 88 pounds. But what is great is that, in the box, there are more things offered than just the gripper. 

The box also consists of two rubber rings that will help you with a resistance of 40-60 pounds. To convince you more, the device also comes with a five-year warranty that you just can’t refuse. 


  • The design is very ergonomic
  • It is very portable and compact
  • A great deal of exercises can be performed.


  • Not a good option for advanced climbers.

Amazing Core Fitness Hand Grip Strengthener

ACF Hand grip strengthener is another model that is great for strengthening your forearms and also to improve your grip significantly. This gripper has a versatile use as it is used by sportsmen, musicians, weight lifters and of course climbers. 

Durability offered by the model is high as the springs are made from stainless steel which ensures that the gripper will not get rust any time soon. You can also adjust the resistance level according to your preference. 

The resistance offered is between the range of 22 pounds to 88 pounds. Amazing Core Fitness also provides a lifetime warranty which makes the deal even sweeter. The comfort level is high as there is soft foam used to cover the handles of this machine. 


  • It is a rust proof device
  • It is highly durable
  • The design is portable
  • It is versatile


Not great for advanced climbers.


Grip strengtheners are great and you should definitely use them if you are serious about climbing. The list we have curated consists of options for every type of climber. So choose the best grip strengthener depending on the difficulty level of your climbs.