Top 5 Best Beginner Climbing Shoes Reviewed

When you think about adventure sports, the first thing that pops inside your head is probably gear. While thinking about gear people often tend to forget the most basic things like shoes which actually are one of the most crucial things in activities like belaying, rock/mountain climbing etc. 

If you like to go out in nature or even if you intend on carrying out these activities inside a gym, it is important that you have the Best Beginner Climbing Shoes to ensure minimum casualties or difficulties. Climbing and belaying require a very specific kind of footwear which not only helps in the process but also ensures that you don’t hurt your foot or yourself while carrying out the activity.

A good grip is what works in favour of climbers and belayers. Climbing Shoes are designed specifically to give you the perfect grip so that your climbing experience is more pleasurable. If your shoes do not give you a good enough grip, it may lead to casualties or even just lead to you having to put in a lot more effort than is required or expected. So in order to ensure that you have the best possible climbing experience it is important that you find climbing shoes that fit your personal preferences and terrain.

While there is an overwhelmingly extensive assortment of climbing shoes available in the market, as a beginner it is very difficult to choose something that fits you and your purpose without either overpaying or getting a product that won’t last you a lot or give you the comfort that you need. Therefore, we have prepared an assortment of various climbing shoes that will help you choose your perfect pair without a second thought.

Listed below are some of the best sellers. These shoes are particularly famous among climbers for their amazing support and also their accommodation to beginners. The best beginner climbing shoes available in the market are as follows:- 

Scarpa Helix Climbing Shoes 

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes

These are your basic climbing shoes made specially for beginners. They do not have a crazy downturn like most professional climbing shoes making them exceptionally apt for you to ease into. Also they have two different types of shoes, both with the same features but with gender specificity to give you the shoe that works best with your feet, as women’s feet tend to be narrower than those of men. 

These have a cushioned heel region which is built in particularly to give your feet the required rest and comfort while climbing. These are lace-ups which means you can change the tightness of the shoes around your feet according to your liking. Lace-ups can be a little tricky for some people especially while climbing, but if you prefer lace-ups over the Velcro type of shoes, then these are your perfect fit. 

These are averagely priced which means that you get the most out of your money, making it apt for a beginner’s purchase. The overall material of the shoe is suede which is extremely durable and easy to clean which is always a welcome factor when it comes to shoes.

These shoes are also pretty lightweight as they weigh 8 ounces in total, which means that you won’t feel like they are weighing you down at all. All in all, these shoes are the most basic beginner shoes out there and get the job done and that too pretty well. 

Tenaya Ra Unisex Rock Climbing Shoes 

The Tenaya Ra climbing shoes are unisex climbing shoes. A unique factor about these shoes is that even though it’s made entirely of microfibre, it has a cotton outerlining which prevents wear due to movement. It is more on the expensive side of the spectrum when it comes to climbing shoes but is a great investment if you think about durability in the long run. 

It has a small toe frame, which makes it easier to place your foot in small spaces. It has a medium downturn, not too crazy but also quite evident which really helps in building a firm grip during climbing but sometimes turns out to be a little uncomfortable. Since these shoes have a soft downturn, the possibility of it causing discomfort is low. 

The company recommends you to downsize by half a measure in comparison to your usual street size for the best fit. It stays snug to your feet and provides maximum comfort. All things considered, this is a smart buy if you are looking to invest in shoes that are comfortable and also durable which ensures a longer term of use.

So iLL The Street Climbing Shoes 

These climbing shoes have an accentuated downturn as against most beginner climbing shoes but these shoes are more adaptive to boulder/large rock based climbing leading to its peculiar design. These are slightly more expensive than the usual climbing shoes but they are also lined with cotton on the outside which results in limited stretch, in turn causing limited wear. 

You might want to go one whole size down in comparison to your usual street size owing to its rigid structure and unstretchable nature. It has buckle closures instead of laces which can be quite handy if tying laces again and again is annoying to you. It is made of an extremely sturdy material and will last you quite some time. This product is especially infamous for its durability so you can be sure that you are spending your money for the right thing.

La Sportiva TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe 

This is another great climbing shoe for beginners. It is individually available for both men and women and has a very humble price point. It has a moderate downturn which makes it perfect since beginners are advised to ease themselves into downturned footwear. 

It has quick pull laces which is always a plus and the laces ensure that the shoes fit snug around your feet. FriXion RS rubber is used to ensure maximum durability so you can be sure that this little pair would be your companion to a lot of climbs in the future. The rubber also gives you great grip which, if you are just starting out, could be really useful. 

The tongue of the shoes is lined to minimize sweat damage and gives you some extra comfort. It is made of leather so you can be sure that it won’t tear down at the slightest of pulls. The affordable price point, incredible features and moderate downturn all come together to make it an amazing option for anyone who’s a beginner and has trouble finding the right pair.

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes 

These are great for beginners and hold a very high regard among experienced climbers. These offer an unmatched comfort since they have knitted uppers as opposed to the usual leather uppers. 

The knitted uppers ensure maximum flexibility along with breathability. The breathable nature of the shoes give it an evident upper hand as breathability directly means less sweating and we all can agree that nobody wants their shoes to smell which is especially difficult to avoid in climbing shoes because of the leather uppers. 

These shoes are available in two variants for men and women. They have a variety of colours to choose from and have Velcro straps instead of the generic laces. The price range is also quite average. They have a neutral downturn which could almost pass for flat lasts which make them perfect for beginners, although they aren’t suitable for extremely rocky terrains. Taking everything into consideration, this is one of the best options available in the market for beginner’s climbing shoes and will not disappoint you.  

Things to consider before you shop for best beginner climbing shoes 


Downturns can be quite difficult to adjust to and a very rigid, aggressive downturn is usually not recommended for beginners unless it’s of absolute essentiality based on your preferred terrain. Neutral downturns are best recommended for beginners although moderate downturns can also be used as they provide a greater grip. 


While lace-ups can be quite a hassle to put on, they also provide a more snug fit and a quick, easy lace up option is made available for easier use. If you dislike the idea of laces, there are a lot of good Velcro options available with the same grip and features, so those might be your perfect pair.


Uppers on most climbing shoes are made of leather/synthetic leather, while these materials ensure durability, they can be quite heavy on the feet and cause a lot of sweat. If the price range isn’t an issue it is advisable that you go for shoes with a more breathable upper material to prevent sweaty feet and stinky shoes. 


There are a lot of great products available in the market and while picking your pair isn’t necessarily rocket science, making sure that you get something that fits your feet well is very important considering the purpose of getting climbing shoes.

The above mentioned features and best sellers should be an easy way for you to choose your perfect pair without having to look too far or too much. Hopefully, all of this information is sufficient for you to get climbing shoes for your first venture into the world of climbing. Happy Climbing!

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